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Corona results of actors coming from Thailand to Pakistan were revealed

Lock down by Corona virus, Pakistan’s renowned actresses Mahbam Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Simon Abbasi and Sara Loren were trapped in Thailand along with the team of their film ‘Ishrat Maid in China’, however, after the government appealed to Pakistan. The actors were returned to Pakistan this month along with their team.

After returning to Pakistan, the entire team adopted the precautions and whole team gives the corona test.

And now actor Simon Abbasi has announced on Facebook that his and other colleagues’ corona test results have been negative.

Citing the up-to-date fans given by the National Institute of Health, Simon Abbasi wrote that “Corona test results for all passengers arriving from Pakistan on the PK 8893 flight from Thailand have been negative and all have now come to their own homes from hotels. ‘

He further wrote that “Hamza Shafqat, Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad and his team are handling the matter”.

Shamoon Abbasi also accused of extortion at a local hotel after returning to Pakistan, but now he wrote that “I am glad that some good work was done after this unpleasant experience”.

In his post, Shamoon Abbasi wrote that the staff at the hotel where he stayed became the same as his family.

On the other hand, Sanam Saeed also tweeted about the Corona test and thanked the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

According to Sanam Saeed, “At that time we are all scared, so there is no evil in expressing our anger,she is actually scared”.

He further wrote, “I would like to thank the authorities who solved the issue and made it easier for everyone. Now the last hurdle for me is that I have to arrive in Karachi safely and for a week. Have to quarantine ‘.

It is to be noted that Shamoon Abbasi and Sanam Saeed had earlier criticized the authorities and hotel administration after returning to Pakistan.

Both actors accused the hotel administration of extortion and mistreatment.

It may be recalled that the two actors were present for the shooting of ‘Ishrat Maid in China’ in Thailand last month along with the rest of their team, however, they were locked in their hotel due to lockdown due to the Corona virus.

The film ‘Ishrat Maid in China’ will be the first film to be directed by Mehbir Mirza, while he will also be seen starring in it.

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