There is no evidence to be prepared in Corona’s laboratory, the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said it has not yet found evidence that the corona virus developed in a laboratory, after the US government raised concerns about Corona being produced in the laboratory.

The explanation given by the World Health Organization came at a time when last week it was reported that under the direction of the US government, US intelligence agencies began investigating Corona’s preparation in the laboratory.

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CNN and Fox News reported in their reports that the United States began investigating the matter after US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised concerns about Corona being produced in the laboratory.

Reports say that although most US government and intelligence officials believe that Corona was not prepared in the laboratory, the US government has nevertheless begun investigating with the help of intelligence agencies to determine whether Corona China developed into a laboratory.

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After such reports surfaced, the Chinese government dismissed such allegations, saying that the World Health Organization had also said that there was no evidence that Corona was made in a laboratory.

However, Donald Trump said in another statement that if it was proved that China did indeed produce Corona in the laboratory, it would have to suffer the consequences and if all of this was a mistake, then anyone could be mistaken. ۔

The head of the world-class Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), who investigated China’s viruses on the same issue, also said that the Corona virus was not manufactured in his company’s laboratory.

Last week, the head of the Wuhan Institute said that although his organization was researching other viruses, such as Corona, there was no evidence that Corona was made in his laboratory.

He dismissed allegations that Corona was produced in his institution’s laboratory, and now the World Health Organization has also said that there is no evidence that Corona was made in the laboratory.

Chinese Foreign Office Li Jian Xiao also falsely accuses Corona of making him in the laboratory – Photo: Reuters
According to the news agency Thomson Reuters Foundation, the World Health Organization’s media spokesperson made the statement during a briefing in Geneva that there was no evidence that the corona virus was developed in a laboratory.

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The World Health Organization spokesman said that an investigation so far showed that the corona virus probably spread to humans from bats from China last year, and so far there is no evidence that the outbreak developed in a laboratory. Gone.

Spokeswoman Fidella Cheeb says the evidence available so far shows that the corona virus spreads to animals.

He also explained that there was no evidence yet of how the corona virus transmitted from animals to humans, but it is clear that the virus started from animals and animals were able to transmit it to humans. I played a role.

It is to be noted that in some investigations it has been claimed that the corona virus transmitted from bats to meat market in Wuhan city to bats, the meat of other animals including bats, snakes, pigs and dogs are available in the market.

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The Corona virus started from Wuhan in December 2019 and for the first two months, the virus was restricted to China only, but by mid-February, Corona’s cases began to spread to other countries as well as to 190 countries around the world. Has spread.

By the afternoon of April 21, the Corona virus had reached around 2.5 million patients worldwide, with more than 100,000 dead

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