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Corona cases have risen in some countries following the easing of lockdowns, the WHO said

The World Health Organization (WHO) says cases of corona virus are on the rise in some countries after the easing of lockdowns.

According to foreign news agency Reuters, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said that “the epicenter of the global epidemic is currently in Central, South and North America, especially the United States.”

“I am not talking specifically about Europe, but we have seen an increase in the number of cases in some countries following the easing of lockdowns and social distance measures,” he told a UN briefing in Geneva.

“Sometimes people think that everything is fine in such a situation, but that is not the case and it will not happen as long as the virus is present in any part of the world,” he said.

“Protesters must be careful,” said Margaret Harris, referring to protests in the United States following the death of black man George Floyd 10 days ago.

“We’ve seen people get emotional this week, we’ve seen people go out and express their feelings, we want to ask them to protect themselves and others,” he said. need to.’

He said that in order to avoid being infected with the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised people to keep a distance of at least one meter between each other, wash their hands frequently and not touch their mouth, nose and eyes.

It should be noted that many countries of the world, including Europe, have eased the sanctions imposed due to Corona after several months, after which normalcy has been restored to some extent.

However, after the easing of sanctions, the public seems to be reckless and people do not seem to care about social distance.

The WHO has consistently advised countries affected by the coronavirus not to relax lockdowns and sanctions, citing fears of a rapid spread of the disease.

On May 14, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern that the corona virus epidemic may never end and that people around the world will have to learn how to cope with the epidemic.

Mike Ryan, a WHO emergency specialist, said in an online briefing: “Efforts must continue. This virus could become another epidemic in our communities and may never go away.” Could be

Mike Ryan added: “Many countries would like to get out of sanctions, but we recommend that warnings be issued at a high level in any country.”

“If large-scale efforts are made, the world can gain some control over how to deal with this epidemic,” he said

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