British Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care unit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken to St Thomas Hospital intensive care unit after he was found to be struggling with the Corona virus.

According to British media, authorities say that after the deterioration of nature, Boris Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit as a “precautionary measure”.

Foreign Minister Dominic Robb will assume his responsibilities in the absence of the Prime Minister.

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Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital on Sunday night, showing signs of the Corona virus ten days ago.

This important news came at a time when the number of virus deaths in Western Europe has increased and in the US, the deaths have exceeded 10,000, followed by the global number of 74,600 and the number of confirmed cases 13 It has grown to over 20 million.

In harsh warnings from both sides of the Atlantic, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the European Union was facing its biggest test while US officials said the Americans were similar to the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. And prepare for the test.

The number of daily virus deaths in Europe is now declining, with 833 deaths recorded in France on Monday and 636 in Italy.

“We have not yet reached the end,” said French Minister of Health Oliver Warren.

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The 55-year-old British Prime Minister was admitted to the hospital on Sunday 27 March after he was confirmed to be Corona virus and living in his suite in his Downing Street flat.

It should be noted that Boris Johnson was transferred to intensive care at a time when the number of casualties in the country has increased to 5,000 and in one day it has increased to 400.

“The Prime Minister’s condition worsened this afternoon and he was shifted to the hospital’s intensive care unit on the advice of his medical team,” a statement from Downing Street said.

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Several world leaders expressed concern and prayed for this progress.

US President Donald Trump expressed concern that “all Americans are praying for their well-being”.

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