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Pakistani App Ready to Screening Cod-19 at home in English and Urdu Version

Thousands of new cases of the new Novel Corona virus disease Code 19 are now coming out every day, while millions of people are worried or worried that they may not be infected.

Many countries face shortages of test kits to confirm this virus, and therefore it is preferred to test patients whose conditions are worse.

In Pakistan too, the testing process is not very good and efforts are being made for it, however, people facing various symptoms of the disease are worried that they will not be victimized.

In many countries, such screening websites and apps are being developed online, where people can learn about their symptoms and learn about cod 19.

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The same has been done by the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Pakistan and has introduced a screening app that works on Android smartphones.

In this app, people can do their screening for Code 19 through English and Urdu.

It was developed by Nest’s National Center of Robotics and Automation (NCRA) and claimed to have been used more than 8,000 times in 9 different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates.

According to the institute, the availability of standard medical facilities for doctors is difficult due to the high number of suspected patients in hospitals.

This simple app is designed to overcome this problem so that people can do their own screening, so people use it and do not visit hospitals.

This app can be downloaded by going to this website

The site also has a method for using it, which is very easy and can be used by almost everyone.

In this app the user will be asked some questions that can be answered to determine if he is a victim of cod 19.

Earlier, NUST’s Ata-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences also developed corona virus testing kits.

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The test kits were declared as cheap compared to imported kits, and according to the university, the kits were manufactured when the outbreak of the Novel Corona virus was unprecedented in the world, while scientists and researchers found it untreatable. Every effort is made to cure the disease.

The cost of a kit imported from China is around Rs.

According to NUST, these kits include traditional and real-time polymer chain reaction (PCR) procedures, which can be used to effectively test patient samples and laboratory controls.

Large technology companies are taking various steps to ensure easy access to information regarding this global epidemic.

Apple Launches Website for Corona Virus Screening

Facebook announced on March 19 the Corona virus information center at Newsfeed to the top.

This information center is a new feature of Facebook aimed at spreading the useful information provided by governments and medical researchers regarding the virus while minimizing the spread of misinformation.

This information center will be updated in real time, while new information and suggestions will be provided from other official sources, including the World Health Organization.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Corona virus patch on its website to reach more people with authoritative information about the Corona virus, where people are exposed to the rapidly spreading epidemic worldwide. Access to information is ensured.

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The Corona virus information feature introduced by the WhatsApp has been presented not only with the support of global healthcare organizations, but also by the messaging application to ensure accurate information is provided in this feature by several fact checker organizations. Has worked with.

But in addition to providing accurate information to millions of WhatsApp users, the World Health Organization has also introduced a Health Alert or Chatbot that provides statistics, answers to various questions and other information.

For this purpose, save +41 79 893 1892 in a phone contact and send a hi message on it, a menu will open in front of you, so that you can get the desired information through various emojis

A similar information hub has been introduced in Facebook Messenger

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