US TV producer killed from Corona, diagnosed with CNN anchor

Maria have different diseases also

Maria Mercedor, 54, a female producer and talent director of the US infotainment channel CBS News Channel, died as a victim of the Corona virus.

By the time Maria Merceder was a victim of Corona, she was already on health leave, suffering from unknown health problems.

Maria Merceder continued to serve as Producer at CBS News for a long time, after which she was promoted to Talent Director.

Maria Merceder served in the journalism and TV career for 30 years and was also a victim of other ailments.

Maria Merceder was suffering from other diseases, including cancer, and had been undergoing treatment for many years, but in recent days she has also been suffering from coronary disease and died of epilepsy within a few days.

The US broadcaster CNN said the CBS administration confirmed Maria Merceder’s death in Corona, saying she was on vacation from February this year and was also suffering from other illnesses.

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The TV administration confirmed that Maria Mercer had been a victim of Corona and was being treated at a New York hospital.

The CBS News Morning Sunday’s official Twitter account also reported the female producer’s death and was reported to have died March 29 in a New York hospital.

CNN, on the other hand, reported in its report that its prime-time news anchor Chris Cuomo also fell victim to Corona.

The 49-year-old anchor also confirmed through his tweet that he had been diagnosed with Corona, but his condition was good and he would work from home.

According to CNN, although Chris Cormo has been diagnosed with Corona, he is in good health and has not seen any acute symptoms and will program from home while staying in Quarantine.

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Chris Kimo was diagnosed with Corona at a time when he went to interview his brother and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

CNN Anchor met the Governor of New York on March 30, and the two had a very pleasant meeting, but Corona was diagnosed on TV Anchor March 31, the report said.

The Governor of New York also expressed concern over Corona’s assessment of the brother, but also expressed good wishes for him.

CNN is also an anchor sister film producer and a radiologist.

The US state of New York is the most affected state with the Corona virus, where more than one million people have been affected by the outbreak, with the death toll approaching 1,500.

By the evening of April 1, the number of Corona patients across the United States had reached 130,000, while the death toll had risen to 4200.

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Worldwide, the number of Corona patients increased by 8 million 73,000 as of April 1, while the death toll had increased to more than 43,000.

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