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The Taliban want Trump to win the presidential election

Washington: The Afghan Taliban have expressed their desire for Donald Trump’s re-election in the US presidential election.

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In an interview with CBC News, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, “We are confident that Trump will win the US presidential election because he is a politician who has made all the big promises to the Americans.

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A Taliban spokesman said there may be some minor issues left, but Trump has fulfilled all major promises. So it is possible that the American people, who have been deceived in the past, will once again trust Trump.

Zeehullah Mujahid also expressed concern over the recent coronavirus infection of President Trump and wished him a speedy recovery.

According to CBS News, another senior Taliban leader said, “We hope that Trump will win the election and complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.”

It should be noted that in a recent tweet, Trump had hinted at the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by Christmas in December and this statement was also welcomed by the Taliban.

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Support rejected

On the other hand, Trump’s campaign manager Tim Murtaf has rejected the statement, saying that the Taliban should know that President Trump has always protected American interests in every possible way.

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