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Raw milk can spread dangerous genes, research shows

California: American nutritionists, after analyzing thousands of samples of commonly available milk, have discovered that raw milk contains high levels of antibiotic-resistant genes, so use this milk only after it has been thoroughly boiled.

According to research published in the latest issue of the research journal “Microbiome“, the study collected 2,034 samples of milk from different markets in five US states that were either completely raw or three of them. through separate ways was sterile and other hazardous components.

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While studies have shown that raw milk does not contain as many germs if it is refrigerated, it also found that raw milk contains significantly higher levels of dangerous genes that cause antibiotics. Resistant and also helps in rapid increase in the number of dangerous germs in milk at normal temperature.

This has been reported in a previous study, but current research has linked it to an increase in the number of germs, which is a cause for concern.

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In the light of this research, the old adage of the elders has been revived: milk should always be boiled well!

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