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Pakistani digital ‘influencers’ active to prevent misinformation of Corona virus

KARACHI: A 4-minute video to report the Corona virus was viewed on YouTube over 57,000 times in a few hours, with the message ‘Learn the facts and not make any assumptions’.

There have been more than 500 cases of Corona virus and 3 deaths in Pakistan, not just the video making useless films that became public voice on social media but also the online platform for many people working from home. Has become

According to the Dawn newspaper report, 200 influencers (influencers) are working to better inform the public with the help of the Prime Minister’s Office during the spread of misinformation.

A Twitter user named Laryab Mehtab, who has 18,000 followers, wrote in a post: “From now on I will provide the Corona virus update that is certified and reach out to me from the Ministry of Health. I request that fake news is not Spreading can cause chaos.

Along with his post, he shared a hashtag called ‘Be careful’.

Talking to Dawn, Laribe explained that the team is working directly with the Prime Minister instead of the Federal Ministry of Health, saying that “there is currently a lot of unverified information that can be used to treat Corona differently.” Including the tip of ‘

To become part of a group, an influencer (influencer) must have over 10,000 followers on social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TalkTalk), and with updates, Can also create content for our users.

The leader of the network, speaking to Dawn, told Dawn that “credible information is needed more than ever so that viral information and fake news can be broken, we are using major influencers, the government-issued official. Create content that contains instructions’.

He said that the influencers are part of the network while the Prime Minister’s Office is providing support to the voluntary initiators and it is a free project.

In this regard, Salmiya Parikh, an influencer involved in the project, said that the group shares three types of content, including government information (number of government announcements and cases), public interest articles and content, as well as the PM’s office and other credentials. Includes elimination of sources through certified information.

Last week, the head of the Prime Minister’s Program Digital Pakistan, Tania Eros, shared a photo of the command and control center set up at the Ministry of Health and said that a warroom had been created where Dr. Zafar Mirza, a technology volunteer, and his team were there.

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