Corona virus: death toll exceeds 4,000 in Italy, lockdown in more US states

Italy became the worst-hit country with more than 4,000 deaths, while other states in California also ordered a lockdown to stop the spread of the outbreak.

At the same time, another virus outbreak was reported in Africa.

French news agency AFP reports that where the number of new cases worldwide is increasing day by day, World Health Organization declares new cases in the former city of Wuhan, a former stronghold of the epidemic, “hope for the world”. Had given.

The highest death toll in Italy in a single day has risen to over 600, with 11,397 deaths due to the virus worldwide.

In Italy, 41 percent of Corona fatalities are between 80 and 89 years old, while the death rate is 35 percent among people aged 70 to 79.

Under the worsening economic situation due to the global outbreak, governments are putting huge sums of money into the economic arena to prevent global recession to some extent.

The US president praised Lockdown’s decision by the governors of California and New York, but at the same time said he did not understand that there was a need for lockdown nationwide.

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s press conference, governors in the states of Illinois and Kentucky also ordered their citizens to stay home.

Britain, on the other hand, has announced stricter sanctions just like the neighboring countries of the European Union and shut down liquor, restaurants and theaters and support affected employees.

Similarly in France during the last 24 hours, a further 78 deaths from the Corona virus have been reported, bringing the total death toll to 450.

France, Italy, Spain and other European countries have asked their people to stay in their homes and in some cases imposed fines, Bavaria became the first region to lock down the country.

It is thought that more than half of the coronary virus deaths worldwide have been reported in Europe, but due to lack of diagnosis in many countries of the world, the final number is difficult to collect.

On the other hand, the shadow of the global outbreak spread to Africa after the Middle East, and Malik Gabon of Central Africa confirmed the second death from the Corona virus, while the number of victims in the region has exceeded 900.

In Iran, both President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamai have promised that their country will control the outbreak of the outbreak, but they are still refusing to impose sanctions like other countries around the world.

In Latin America, Cuba and Bolivia announce closure of their borders.

The global outbreak has created fears of global recession, with central banks in the US, Japan, Britain, Canada and Switzerland taking steps to keep money in the global economy

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