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Nigeria: Security Forces Kill 18 in Corona Lockdown Violation

Nigeria’s security forces kill 18 people while implementing measures to prevent the Corona virus. According to foreign news agency AFP, the country’s human rights organization has claimed that the number is even higher than those killed by the Corona virus.

In Lagos and the capital Abuja, full lockdown has been imposed to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Africa’s most populous country, while restrictions have been imposed in other regions.

According to official figures, 407 people have been infected and 12 have been killed by the Corona virus in Nigeria so far.

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Security forces, including the police and the army, have been deployed to enforce lockdowns and sanctions, leading to bloody clashes and clashes in some states of the country.

The National Human Rights Commission in the country says it has received 105 complaints of human rights abuses by Abuja in the Nigerian capital and security forces in 24 of the 36 states.

Of the complaints, eight documented cases of extra-judicial killings have occurred, killing 18 people, the commission said.

According to official data from the Corona virus, 11 deaths were reported while law enforcement officials executed the extra-judicial system, killing 18 people.

The commission accuses security personnel of reckless and improper use of power, misappropriation of powers, corruption and violation of domestic and foreign laws.

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A spokesman for the Nigerian National Police said that the nature of the commission’s allegations is general; it should have specifically clarified the number of casualties by the police.

“The commission should have provided details of those killed by the police, which would have helped us to take appropriate action,” he said.

It should be noted that despite the implementation of lockdown in most countries of the world, the number of Corona cases has not been seen till now and the number of people affected by Corona has increased to more than 2 million 13 thousand in 185 countries of the world. ۔

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The outbreak from China has badly affected the European region, where more than 90,000 deaths have been reported so far.

On the other hand, the death toll from the Corona virus has increased to more than 40,000 worldwide.

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