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Claims to corona virus be manufactured in Chinese laboratory is false,Scientest

Recently, the US broadcaster CNN claimed in its report that the US government and secret agencies were investigating whether the Corona virus actually developed in Wuhan’s laboratory.

The US government is investigating whether the Corona virus did not actually spread to Wuhan’s meat market, but possibly to a laboratory, CNN reported, citing US intelligence officials and National Security sources.

The report claims that although most US government officials believe the Corona virus was not manufactured in the laboratory, the government and intelligence agencies will now jointly investigate whether the Corona virus is actually a biological weapon.

But US and European scientists have dismissed the claim, saying the virus was not manufactured in a laboratory or made of humans.

“This idea is the result of a conspiracy theory and the available data do not support it,” said Adam Loring, an associate professor at the University of Michigan Medical School and an evolutionary expert at the University of Michigan, speaking to Newsweek.

Citing a research published in the journal Nature Medicine in the journal Nature Medicine in March, he said, “After analyzing the genome sequences of the corona virus in patients and several animals, it was reported that the virus went into a host animal and After moving into humans, they undergo further changes.

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“The SARS Coo2 virus (the scientific name for the new novel corona virus) is genetically different from the previously discovered corona viruses that have been worked in the laboratory, in fact these genetic changes are not the result of escape from a laboratory,” he said.

Alexander Hussein, a professor at the Sorbonne University Museum of Natural History in France, said: “Although it is difficult to prove that no accident occurred in a laboratory, the SARS Kov 2 is not very closely linked to the past viruses, in fact the past In the research reports, it has no sequelae (even partial) and the outbreak of cod 19 was reported in November / December last year while the cause of SARS was reported in 2002 and 1003 ‘.

He stressed that the solution to this controversy spreading through social media is to provide new data – viral genus sequences of bats, penguins and other potential animals, to help understand the cause of the outbreak. ‘.

“I have no doubt that the Chinese researchers are working on it very actively,” he said.

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Scientists at the US Scripps Research Institute, University of Sydney, Australia, Edinburgh, Columbia University and Tulane University last month in Nature Medicine were told that the available genome of a wide variety of available genomes of different types of corona viruses Later we can clearly say that this or the corona virus is the result of natural processes.

Corona viruses belong to a family of germs that cause a variety of diseases, and the first Corona virus to appear in 2003 was the SARS, which started the outbreak in China.

The second major outbreak of this generation’s virus began spreading to Saudi Arabia in 2012 from the MERS virus.

On December 31 last year, Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization to the outbreak of the Novel Corona virus, which was named Surz Cove 2 on February 20, 2020, while the disease was named Cove19.

So far, the virus has infected more than two million people worldwide and killed 8,000.

With the outbreak of the outbreak, Chinese scientists developed the genome of the virus, and shared data from around the world.

Scientists in collaboration with several research institutes sought to find out the basis and evolution of this sequencing data, focusing on several prominent features of the virus.

Scientists analyzed various components, including virus spike proteins, and discovered that RBD portions in spike proteins effectively target receptor S2, which is located outside human cells.

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Spike proteins interact so effectively with human cells that scientists say that this may be a natural result of not genetic modification by humans.

Evidence of this virus being natural is its overall molecular structure, if one genetically alters a corona virus, it will build the backbone of the virus that is the source of the virus’s infection, but this new The structure of the backbone of viruses is similar to the viruses found in bats and pangolin.

Researchers say that these 2 features of the virus, namely, the RBD portions of Isic protein and its spinal cord, reject the idea of ​​editing in the laboratory.

He said the virus is the result of natural evolution and speculation that humans should evolve should now be eliminated.

The Chinese government, in its descriptive statement on the report of the US intelligence agencies, said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has also said several times that the corona virus infecting more than two million people worldwide is not ready in any laboratory.

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