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Introducing the feature of tweeting short audio messages in Twitter

Twitter has begun testing a new feature that will allow users to record and share short audio clips, which the company calls Twitter with Your Voice.

“Sometimes 280 characters are not enough and some traditional idioms get lost in translation, so from today we have started testing a new feature,” Twitter product designer Maya Peterson said in a blog post. To make Twitter more humane, your voice.

Voice tweets will look similar to a video in the timeline, but the play will also be in a video-like box.

But instead of watching the video, they will see the user’s profile picture which is moving.

To use it, you need to open Tweet Composer and record audio by clicking on the new wavelength icon.

According to the company, 140 seconds of audio can be recorded in each voice tweet.

If the recording is longer than this, it will automatically become a thread of voice recordings in the post.

The company says the feature will be available to a limited number of Twitter users currently on iOS devices.

It will be available to all iOS users in the coming weeks while everyone will be able to view these audio messages in their Twitter timeline. However, the company has not yet said anything about its availability for Android users.

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