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Fakhar-e-Alam request the Prime Minister to Lock down the country

Pakistan’s renowned actor and host Fakhr Alam has also released a video in which he requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to lock down the country for two weeks due to the rising threat of the Corona virus.

Sharing his video on social networking site Twitter, Fakhr Alam wrote: ‘Before Imran Khan delays, I request that you download the lock, I know you will be disturbed by social unrest at the moment. But we may be in a much worse situation. ‘

In his video, the proud scholar said, “Imran Bhai we all know what is in your heart for humanity, for human beings, for the poor, for Pakistanis, no doubt, you are a He is a good man and I know that your leadership is facing the greatest challenge right now. ‘

He added, “However, as a Pakistani I want you to be wrong, but on the one hand, the government is saying that people should stay at home, not go to offices, not go out, take social isolation.” As a result, the poor people are being affected in the same way. ‘

According to the proud scholar, “The government has made a half policy that the poor can go out to earn a living but the rest can’t. Imran Khan, I urge you to make a policy instead of having half the policy.”

He advised that it would be a good decision to start rationing at different points of the city for two weeks and lock down like curfew.

Prominent actors and hostesses said that gloves and masks should be provided to government workers who pass the ration to the homes of the needy, as well as the school fees that parents have to pay because they are being forgiven at this time. They are not going to work or leaving home.

Fakhr Alam said that whatever decision the government will take at that time will be final, it cannot be taken to make the wrong decision and fix it later, so whatever Imran Khan decides to think.

He also released the second part of his video, in which he said the government should waive utility bills so that no one would have to worry.

According to the proud scholar, if Pakistanis get holidays, they go out on a picnic, so Imran Khan should apply curfew in the country to avoid casualties.

It is understood that the Corona virus, which is spreading its claws worldwide, is now spreading rapidly in Pakistan and the number of people infected here has exceeded 500.

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Sindh province, which is most affected by the virus, has reported 15 new cases.

Similarly, if you look at the number of victims across the country, the number of victims so far has been 510, of which 267 in Sindh, 96 in Punjab, 92 in Balochistan, 23 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10 in Islamabad, 22 in Gilgit-Baltistan and one in Azad Kashmir.

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