Efforts to stem the spread of bird flu in the Netherlands and Germany

Dutch authorities are trying to stop the spread of bird flu in two poultry farms in the country, while a similar bird flu-H5N8 has also affected chickens and wild birds in northern Germany.

According to the BBC, 200,000 chickens have been ordered to be slaughtered on a farm and a nearby farm in the eastern Netherlands.

H5N8 is extremely low risk for humans but is economically important.

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Health experts say people should avoid touching sick or dead birds, chicken and eggs are safe to eat and if cooked properly, the virus dies.

In addition, there are cases of bird flu in poultry farms in the north-west of England, and 13,000 birds have been reported killed.

The number of animals is being reduced on a farm in the Kent area of ​​south-east England where H5N2 influenza was diagnosed this week.

Birds from Russia have been diagnosed with H5N8 and a large number of birds were slaughtered late last month on farms in the western Russian region of Kostroma to prevent the spread of the virus.

The most recently affected Dutch farms are outside Najmigan, about 30 km from the German border.

Zones have been set up near farms to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as on North German farms in Holland.

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According to the German state broadcaster NDR, more than a thousand wild birds have died off the coast of Nordfresland, most of them seagulls and ducks.

It should be noted that bird flu was most prevalent in Germany between 2016 and 2017 when 900,000 birds were killed nationwide.

The Netherlands, on the other hand, is the largest exporter of poultry meat and eggs in Europe, employing 10,000 people on 2,000 farms.

A previous outbreak of bird flu in the Netherlands in 2003 killed 30 million chickens, ducks and other birds.

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