Corona virus kills more than 166,000, affects more than 24 million

Corona virus deaths and infectious cases continue to spread across the world, and so far, a total of 66,235 people have died from the virus and more than 2.4 million have been infected.

The highest number of casualties in the US, UK death toll
The Corona virus has the highest number of deaths in the United States, where 35,314 people have died so far, and more than 7,61,000 have been infected.

In the UK, casualties are increasing with each passing day, and so far at least 16,60 people have been killed and more than 211,000 have been affected.

According to a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, we need to make sure that the second wave of the virus does not occur before the sanctions are lifted and relaxed in terms of social distance.

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The spokesman said that the biggest threat is the second wave of the virus because if it did, it would damage our health and would have the most negative impact on our economy.

They said that if we hasten, the virus will start to spread again very fast, so before removing the restrictions we have to make sure that the virus does not spread again.

The number of victims in Spain exceeds 2 million
Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe with the Corona virus, has exceeded 2 million virus victims.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 210 million after reporting more than 5,000 cases, and Spain is now the second largest country after the United States in the list of countries affected by the virus.

In Spain, more than 499 people died in 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 20,852.

Demanding psychological examination of the public in Italy
In Italy, scientists called on people to conduct psychological tests to test the effect of lockdown on housemates because of the virus.

Italy has the highest number of viral deaths in Europe, with 23,660 deaths and over 78,000 victims so far.

Italian scientists called on the government to conduct psychological tests of the public so that not only the effects of the lockdown could be tested so far, but also how long people could be kept in their homes.

In Italy, more than 60 million people are confined to homes and are not allowed to walk more than 200 meters from their home for no reason.

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67 more deaths in the Netherlands
After 67 more deaths in the Netherlands, the death toll from the Corwan virus has so far reached 3,571.

According to the National Institutes of Public Health, more than 750 people have been diagnosed with the virus in 24 hours.

Record growth in cases in Singapore and India
On the other hand, there has been a rapid increase in cases reported in Singapore and India where in Singapore, one thousand 426 people were diagnosed with the virus in a single day, the largest number of virus-infected people in a single day.

According to the Singapore Ministry of Health, the virus has been confirmed in 8,14 patients in the country so far and most of the newly reported cases are from abroad.

After a record 1553 new cases of Corona virus were reported in India in a single day, the total number was 17,187.

New cases have surfaced in the last 24 hours, while 543 people have died of the virus so far.

The virus has spread in Belgium, authorities said
Belgium is also one of the countries most affected by the virus in Europe, but now Belgian authorities say that the virus is on the rise in the country, and now the number of hospitalized virus victims is decreasing. Has been

In Belgium, 232 people were hospitalized on Sunday, the lowest number of virus-infected people in a single day since March 19.

Addressing a press conference, Emanuel André, a spokesman for the Council on the Corona Virus in the country, said, “Many indicators indicate that we are moving in the right direction and that this will continue.”

They say that we can say that we are slowly controlling the virus and now we can move towards the end of the lockdown.

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Lockdown softwen in Switzerland
After the virus has been confirmed in Switzerland with a further 204 people, the number of people infected with the virus has now increased to 27,944.

According to the Swiss Ministry of Health, the number of virus deaths in the country has grown to 1,142 and we can ease the lockdown from April 27, given the rate of decreasing cases.

The Olympics are difficult to hold next year
Meanwhile, Japanese scientists have expressed concern that holding the Olympics next year may be difficult in the current situation.

“If I tell you the truth, I don’t think the Olympics will be possible next year,” Japanese professor Kintaro Iwata said in his statement Monday.

He said that the Duchesses are the most important for holding the Olympics, the first is to control the virus in Japan and the second to control the Cod-19 worldwide.

Medical experts say that due to the unforeseen circumstances caused by the Corona virus, organizing the event will not be risky for the organizers, especially at a time when no vaccine is invented until next year.

Iran eases lockdown
Meanwhile, despite the further increase in casualties in Iran, the sanctions have allowed softening of highways and opening of major shopping centers to minimize the negative impact on the virus’s economy.

Doors have opened in Iran’s historic market, but the government has allowed new shops and markets to be open until 6pm, with new restrictions imposed.

However, restaurants, gyms and other important places are still closed.

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Iran is the country most affected by the virus in the Middle East, where 5,209 people have been killed and more than 83,000 are infected so far, although new reported cases have dropped sharply in recent weeks.

Norwegian Airline Norwegian Air has said that due to adverse effects on the economy due to the Corona virus, its subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark have gone bankrupt, which will affect 4,000 700 pilots and staff.

The virus has not yet risen in Russia
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the virus has not yet reached the peak in Russia and the real danger remains.

The virus has been confirmed in more than 47,000 people in Russia so far, while the country has 405 deaths.

Protests against the Israeli Prime Minister
Thousands of people staged protests in Israeli cities despite protests over allegations that the Israeli prime minister used the Corona virus for political and governmental purposes.

Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not an elected prime minister at the time, according to the rules, the former prime minister can only assume the responsibility of the prime minister, unless the elected prime minister takes office.

Despite the ban on the gathering of people in the country, at least 5,000 people participated in the protest against the Prime Minister in Tel Aviv, the country’s largest city.

The report said that although the aforementioned demonstration was a demonstration by the government not to take appropriate measures during the Corona virus and not to provide relief to the people, it did include Netanyahu’s use of corruption and pandemics for politics. There was also a slogan.

Organizers of the protest claimed that leaders of the political party, Yash Atid, were actually using the Netanyahu Corona virus epidemic to expand their powers, achieve political goals and keep themselves from corruption.

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The situation is moving in the right direction in Indonesia, Malaysia
Indonesia has reported 185 new cases of corona virus, bringing the total number of virus-infected people to 6,760 in the country.

Health ministry Ashmid Uriantu said eight new virus deaths were reported in the country, bringing the number to 590.

About 50,000 people have been tested so far in the country and 747 people have recovered from the virus.

In Malaysia too, the spread of the virus and its adverse effects are diminishing and only 36 new cases have been reported in the country with no fatalities reported.

Malaysia has infected 5,452 people so far while the death toll is 89.

The Philippines has risen to 428 after 19 more deaths from the virus.

More than 200 new cases were reported in the country, bringing the total number of viruses to 6,459.

Lockdown hardens after a gathering of 100,000 people in Bangladesh
On the other hand, lockdown has been tightened nationwide after more than 100,000 people attended a funeral prayer in Bangladesh.

Police and local administration were also surprised by the attendance of at least 100,000 people at the funeral prayer of deputy head of the religious community of Bangladesh, Khilafat Mullah Zainab Ahmed Ansari.

The 7 villagers who attended the funeral have been ordered to stay in permanent homes for 14 days so that the virus can be identified

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