Corona Virus: Death Troll exceed to 120000 worldwide

Despite the implementation of lockdown in most countries of the world, the number of Corona cases has not been seen till now and the number of people affected by Corona has increased to 19,307,780 in 185 countries worldwide.

The most affected country in the world is now the United States, which has the highest number of casualties from any country with this outbreak from China.

So far, the death toll from the Corona virus has increased to 150,000 in the world.

United States
The United States has the highest number of deaths and cases due to corona virus in the world.

In the US, the death toll from the Corona virus has so far reached 23,649 while 5,882,594 confirmed cases have been reported.

The US state of New York has now become the new epicenter of the virus, with more than 10,000 reported deaths.

New York Governor Andrew Kumo says “bad things can happen if we use our intellect.”

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The European Union is considering developing a smartphone application called Code 19.

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Its main purpose is to avoid new corona virus centers, but in the midst of a crisis, such an infrastructure is proving difficult.

The number of new cases arriving daily in the European state of Italy has decreased and this trend is changing.

In Italy, bookstores, stationery shops and children’s goods stores are allowed to open, but they are directed to maintain social distance,

It is thought that Italy, which was once the number one casualty worldwide with Corona virus, is going to recover.

The death toll in Italy so far has been 20,465, and over 595,000 cases have been reported.

The death toll from Spain’s Corona virus has risen to 18,000.

The country’s epidemic-controlled agency said there were 1,500 ‘unexpected’ extra fatalities in Spain from March 17 to April 11.

However, some factories and structures in Spain have been restored, while retail stores and services are still closed and the government has asked office workers to work from home.

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United Kingdom
The number of new cases and fatalities in the UK, which has been locked up late in other parts of Europe, is steadily increasing.

In the UK, the death toll from the Corona virus has risen to 11,347 while the number of cases has exceeded 89,000.

On the other hand, the head of the UK’s largest nursing home says the number of Corona virus cases and deaths among elderly citizens is higher than official reports.

In China, where new cases have surfaced, life has gone on with the green signal seen on the smartphone, suggesting that the user has no symptoms and can travel on the subway, stay in a hotel, or Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic. can go.

Chinese authorities confirmed on April 13 that 108 new cases were reported for the first time in six weeks in the country, but all new cases were found in people coming from overseas.

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It is to be noted that the number of cases worldwide is said to be not a real number due to limited testing and unreliable data from few governments.

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