Corona Virus also Effect on Mental Health,Research

It is commonly believed that the new nasal corona virus affects the lungs, but now it has been reported in various reports that it can damage other vital organs as well.

In fact, a new study in China revealed that stroke and other brain problems are more common in serious cases of the coronavirus disease, Cod-19.

The study looked at 214 serious cases of the Corona virus that were treated in Wuhan, China, at the onset of the outbreak, and doctors discovered symptoms of mental problems in more than 36% or one in every 3 patients.

The research team said that many times these symptoms appeared without the traditional symptoms of cod 19, such as fever, cough, etc.

In such cases, Dr. Bo Ho, who is involved in the research at the Union Hospital in Wuhan, said that in such cases, the clinical symptoms should be considered as possible signs of the coronary virus so that the diagnosis cannot be delayed or misdiagnosed.

The results of this research were published in the journal JAMA Neurology.

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This suspected new corona virus interferes with and affects the brain and the central nervous system, not the new one.

A number of reports in recent weeks have identified an important symptom of the disease, which is a sensation of smell, indicating that the virus affects the nervous system.

In this new study, the research team evaluated the treatment results of more than 200 patients in 3 hospitals in Wuhan.

All of these patients had severe severity and were treated from January 16 to February 19 and their average age was 53 years.

Focusing on the symptoms of the brain or central nervous system affected by these individuals, the research team discovered that these problems are more common when the severity of the disease increases, while in some cases the traditional symptoms of Code 19 are not seen. ۔

In some cases it proved fatal or neurological problems, at least there were 6 cases in which paralysis or brain hemorrhage was observed.

It is not yet clear why the corona virus is the direct cause of the stroke, but the research team said that worsening the condition in severe cases of Cod 19 could be the result of a mental problem such as a stroke that contributes to a higher mortality rate.

Other mental problems also play a role; many patients coming to the hospital will also experience complaints of mental confusion, anxiety, or headache, while also experiencing loss of taste or sensation.

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The study found that older patients, who are already suffering from a chronic disease, also have a higher risk of developing mental problems.

But researchers say that this is not the final result of the brain’s effects on the new corona virus, in fact more extensive research is needed to confirm this.

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