Corona patients can have respiratory problems for months, research says

Coronavirus patients may experience severe fatigue and difficulty breathing for several months after recovery. This was stated by the scientists from Britain in an article.

An article released by the British Government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies raises concerns that the virus could lead to medical problems on a long-term basis.

The scientists met on May 7 to discuss a number of complications associated with the corona virus, including stroke, kidney disease and organ failure.

He pointed out that the new novel corona virus can have long-term effects that patients can experience for months.

After discussing the various complications and symptoms, the article said that the scientists noted the presence of long-term effects such as extreme fatigue and difficulty breathing for several months, while emphasizing the importance of reviewing these effects. Take into account long-running research reports.

A scientific adviser said that after examining the health of patients recovering from a serious illness, it was discovered that a large number of people could not return to normal life soon.

Numerous scientists are working to find out how long-term effects can last after recovery.

Last week, the head of the UK’s health agency, the NHS, warned that thousands of people could need NHS help to control the damage caused by the virus.

“Although our country is recovering from the initial outbreak of the corona virus, we need to focus on rehabilitation and care,” said Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS.

“Some people may need care even after recovery, may suffer from mental illness and psychological problems after a serious illness, while many may need social support for daily activities,” he said.

A hospital in the UK last week was set aside for coronavirus patients to protect them from long-term effects.

Research has so far found that COD 19 patients undergoing treatment in the ICU may experience long-term medical problems, including trauma.

In many cases recovery patients may experience more than one long-term effect, while some may need help walking.

Experts also say that some patients who did not become very ill and did not need to go to the hospital may need help with rehabilitation for up to 2 months.

Research has shown that one out of every 20 patients with COD has experienced medical problems for at least a month.

Professor Peter Open Shaw of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group in the UK warned on Sunday that there was evidence that the disease could affect other organs as well as long-term. Causes adverse effects.

“Several people seem to recover, but then they say the condition is not better. In fact, these people face a variety of long-term effects, and we’ve seen a number of people in medical centers recover from the virus,” he said. After long-term effects could not return to normal life.

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