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Charging is possible even with Wi-Fi signals, research

Maryland, USA: Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented an experimental device using Griffin that can generate electricity by absorbing Wi-Fi signals. According to the Report technewsdaily24. New research shook everyone  charging Is possible even with Wi-Fi signals

The device they currently call “Terra Hertz Reactfire” consists of square shaped microscope griffin fragments beneath which a layer of boron nitride is laid.

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WiFi signals pass through the device seamlessly to the smartphone / smartphone device’s antenna, but as they pass through, the terahertz transmits a portion of their energy into the Griffin’s electrons in the reactor fire. Start flowing in a certain direction as direct current (DC). This can work in current charging.

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Initial experiments have shown that the more pure the griffin in the terahertz reactor fire, the better its performance. Experts who invented the device have warned that the purpose of this is to prove only one and only concept in the present, so no charging device from Wi-Fi signals is expected to be available in the market soon.

All technical details of this invention have been published online in the latest issue of the Research Journal “Science Advances.”

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