Why is the number of Corona cases increasing so fast in the United States?

The number of people suffering from the new Novel Corona virus disease in the United States is more than 2 million, with the death toll approaching 4,000.

And now the cause of such a rapidly spreading virus in the United States has also been described by experts there, and it is a patient who has never had the symptoms.

In Iceland data, which was the most tested country in the world in recent days, revealed that 50% of cases had no symptoms.

According to the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of cases in the United States may be as high as 25%, spreading the virus to people.

CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said in an interview that ‘the details have now proved that there are a large number of patients in whom the symptoms do not appear and the number may be up to 25%’.

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To prevent the virus from spreading, US leading pandemic experts have decided to make face masks a weapon.

According to Dr. Anthony Fuchi, who joined President Donald Trump’s Task Force on Cod 19, he is considering proposing to the general public to wear face masks, but it has not been finalized, but this may happen soon.

If the US administration were directed to use the mask on a large scale, it would be against the CDC’s directive that the mask be reached only to medical workers, sick people and their carers. Should.

The World Health Organization also said that the use of face masks should be avoided, but now it is researching the evidence and submitting evidence.

On Wednesday, the director of the WTO said he was submitting evidence that people would be allowed to use face masks during the Corona virus outbreak.

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He said that this is a new virus right now and we are constantly learning about it, so as the epidemic is advancing, so are the evidences and our suggestions are changing.

The US president has advised the public against the corona virus cases in the country as a safeguard that they can temporarily use the scarf if the mask is not available.

On a question asked by the media, he said, “Almost everyone has a scarf. People who want to wear masks should wear it. No problem, but I would suggest going to the market to buy a mask. Can wear a scarf instead. ‘

“Well, we are producing a large number of masks, but these are for sending to the hospital, where these masks are most needed,” he added.

Donald Trump said that this would only have to be done for a short period of time and hopefully everyone will get rid of the Corona virus soon.

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The death toll in the United States could be 2 40,000, experts say
In the US, where the death toll from the Corona virus is increasing, officials are warning that the virus kills around 100,000 to 40,000 Americans, despite staying in public homes and minimizing contact with each other. can do.

Experts made this prediction at a news briefing with US President Donald Trump.

However, he said he hoped that the numbers would not rise much if everyone played their part in preventing the virus.

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