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Australian cricketers did not play against india with their strength because of IPL,Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke, captain of the World Cup-winning Australian team and former skipper, has said that the Indian Premier League (IPL) performs poorly in terms of ability and ability to ensure a high-paying contract.

Several cricket boards and former cricketers have expressed their concerns over the monopoly of the Indian Premier League Indian Cricket Board (BCCI), but now Michael Clarke has made a statement and opened a new Pandora box.

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The former Australian captain said that everyone knows how strong India is financially in cricket, whether it is IPL, international or domestic cricket.

It is clear that Australian cricketers around the world are known for sledging and misbehavior during sports, but in recent times there has been a significant difference in the attitude of the Australian players in the competition against India compared to other teams.

Talking about the Big Sports Break Fast Radio program, he said that for some time cricket Australia and almost every other team in the world seemed to be intimidated against India.

He said that it was Virat Kohli and other Indian players who refrain from saying phrases and phrases because they have to go and play with them in April and they want to go there and play in every situation.

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“If Kohli is captain in the IPL, Rohit Sharma is the captain in the IPL, you list 10 players, these Indian players bid to add these Australian players to their team, then the players say that I will not chase down Kohli because I want him to be selected as the Royal Challenger Bangalore so I can earn millions of dollars in 6 weeks’.

“I understand that Australian players do not use their professional skills and abilities against India for that reason which they are special or that we are accustomed to seeing,” he said.

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Not only has Michael Clarke made this statement and brought his players into the limelight, he has also questioned the reputation of the most competitive matches in the world.

It should be remembered that in the 19-2018 season, India defeated Australia 1-2 for the first time in the Test series and became the first Asian team to perform, but after Clark’s statement, India’s historic Victory has also been made.

However, Clark also added that there may be reasons for Virat Kohli to miss a few cricket games because many bowlers believe that Kohli has to offer better game as a result of the phrase or phrase. And their aggressive mood increases.

He says that is why I believe the players think they should not be punctuated by phrasing and they may have played a wrong shot at the beginning of their innings.

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Unlike Clark, Virat Kohli believes that Australian players do not do so because of the spirit of cohesion and mutual respect created by different players through the Indian Premier League.

In a conversation with Kevin Patterson on Instagram last week, Virat Kohli said that as a result of the Indian Premier League, the spirit of mutual respect by the players has increased, I will never miss ABD Villiers. And a friendly relationship is established that goes far beyond all that.

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