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Abu Jafir Al Mansur Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

I made this man a Minister so he did anything he desired. He recommended I selected specific Rulers, so I designated them. What’s more, when he encouraged me to eliminate them, I eliminated them. I thought he was my sibling, however I was off-base about him. Plunk down, Muhammad. – Othman. – Yes, My Lord.

Take this criminal with his other men, and toss them generally behind bars. Take their cash, and transform their homes into pens for your ponies. Also, when you’re finished, cut their heads off. Indeed, My Lord. – Rabie. – Yes, My Lord. Bring me Suleiman canister Habeeb container Al-Muhallab. – Right away, My Lord. – Wait. Try not to bring him right now. Bring him here and cut his head off. I will do that, My Lord. – Now, Rabie. – Yes, My Lord. – Leave me alone, Muhammad. – Yes, My Lord. Where did you go with the Abbasids’ cash? I don’t have the foggiest idea, My Lord. You don’t have the foggiest idea? Or on the other hand did you send it to your supporters so they could get men and weapons, so you could look for your supposed Caliphate. Talk! You would rather not talk? Alright, that is fine, Abbasid.

Damn you! He’ll kill you on the off chance that you don’t pay him. I swear I don’t know anything about this, Abu Ayyoub. If it’s not too much trouble, show kindness, My Lord. The man never really justified his killing. Move away from me. You’re the person who carried him to me. I will pay you the cash myself, My Lord. – You will pay me? – Yes. – Then you know where it is. – No, My Lord. In any case, I will give you my life reserve funds, gave you let this unfortunate man go. Alright. Alright. Escape my face. Go get the cash. Immediately, My Lord. – Arwa. – I see you’re separated from everyone else, Abu Jaafar. If by some stroke of good luck you knew how miserable I am, Arwa. What makes you miserable? My Minister, Abu Ayyoub took from the State’s depository. He took from it? Then, at that point, you should rebuff him. Indeed I did. Indeed I did. For what reason did you do that, Abu Ayyoub? I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Maybe it was on the grounds that I saw great in you. Remember that you shared my food. Abu Jaafar, would you remain in Damascus? No. I’m going to Humaima. May God reward you for how you helped me, Abu Ayyoub. I guarantee that I will always remember how you helped me. Take my for it. God accompany you. Farewell. Goodbye. Who’s that? My Lord the Minister? Welcome! Welcome! The artist was correct when he said: We found that lords envy those they put in control. When they see him providing orders and being complied, they cause their anger upon him. Suleiman drank from the glass after Hafs, and he confronted a similar destiny. The individuals who get the more regrettable treatment by them, are the people who are called Scribes and Ministers. For what reason would you say you are gazing at me in such a way? There’s something that puzzles me, Arwa. What’s going on here? How could you figure out how to save your excellence for such an extremely long time? What’s more, that flash in your eyes. It’s a similar flash you had when I saw you interestingly. Abu Jaafar, we’re excessively old for this. Yet, the writer was correct when he said: How might you at some point carry on like a young fellow when your hair is becoming dim? The Caliphate caused us to fail to remember our days. It took our sweet evenings together, Arwa. I’ve been out of line to myself and to you. I became accustomed to it. Haven’t you had enough of y our city’s appeal? Baghdad? I’m contemplating what that Roman said. The Patriarch? What he encouraged me to do was the best thing. Then do it. I will, God willing. Whenever we’re finished with moving the market, I maintain that you should dig two channels from Tigris to Baghdad, Rabie. – We have no water. – I’ll chip away at that, with God’s will. There’s no damage in establishing a few plants to a great extent as well.

– As you wish, My Lord. – Rabie. Indeed, My Lord. At this point, you are a Minister. Me, My Lord? Your Minister? My Lord. May I understand what Abu Ayyoub has done? He took from the State’s depository, Issa. Stop it. I needed to designate Rabie as Minister for not a really obvious explanation. What difference would it make? Is it true that he is the grandson of Kaisan, the captive of Othman container Affan? After he was abducted from the Mount of Hebron. Stop it, Issa! Go, Rabie. Indeed, My Lord. What’s keeping you up? Al-Mahdi, Arwa. And him? I’m worried he’s not fit to be Successor. He should go into war. A genuine conflict.

Don’t you recollect how we were before we accepted the Caliphate, Arwa? We were battered by dread, stress and horrifying conflicts. Concerning Al-Mahdi, he was conceived a ruler. I’m anxious about the possibility that that assuming I kick the bucket… May God award you long life. It’s all in God’s grasp. I’m apprehensive he will not have the option to hold fast for a month after me, except if… – Unless what? – Unless he faces demise firsthand. In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. What’s more, love God alone and don’t credit eternality to nothing alongside Him.

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