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Xiaomi first succeeded in becoming the world’s third largest smartphone company

Huawei was the second largest smartphone sales company in 2019, but the effects of US sanctions are apparently beginning to take hold.

In fact, after many years, the first company has dropped out of the top 3 companies in the monthly sales of smartphones.

According to a report by SmartGS sales statistics company Strategy Analytics, Shiomi surpassed Huawei’s third position in sales of devices during February.

Huawei sold 55 million phones in February, while Shiomi’s devices numbered 6 million.

Samsung is still on the list, and in February it sold almost three times more phones than Shiomi, with more than 100 million.

Apple further consolidated its position in the second position by selling more than a million iPhones.

Oppo was fourth on the list, while Vivo ranked 5th.

But the Corona virus outbreak has affected the entire smartphone industry.

Sales of smartphones recorded a 38% decline in February 2020 compared to February 2019.

According to the report, February 2020 has been the worst in the history of the smartphone market, during which the demand and supply of smartphones in China has been affecting Asia and worldwide, this is the time the smartphone industry is about to forget Would like

This trend does not seem to improve much in March as conditions in China have improved, but the US, Europe and other countries are spreading more rapidly.

At the end of the epidemic it will be clear how far the effects of US sanctions on Huawei can be worse or whether they can succeed in turning things around.

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