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Malek Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles HD

The 6th episode of the new series, Malek, is available for free download with urdu subtitles. This show centres on a mother. She is having issues with her son and daughter. They are providing assistance in a trying scenario. I awaited your awakening. the evocative music continues But I had a restful sleep. You know, you’ll have to dilute it. Allow me to consume this, please. Come on, now. God bless you and good luck. flashback effect, more tense music explosion noise clear army chats gunfire, man moans Plan ahead, exercise caution, and get to bed.

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Malek Episode 6 Gunshots continue in the ongoing thriller thriller keeps going thriller keeps going Continued gunfire the suspense builds, the suspense fades, emotive music, gunshots Please, help! Please help, sir! Please help, sir! Sir, I can’t even feel my arm! my leg! Command, please! Command, please! Commanding officer, I was shot! Command, please! Please help me, commander! Please help, sir! Help, my arm! Please help, sir! Commanding me. cling on. Commanding me. the evocative music continues Sirens continue while the emotional music plays. Hold on, my son Korkut Ali; you will be saved. My kid, you will be saved. This boy must be saved, please.

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Malek Episode 6 Relax, we’ll take whatever action is necessary. the evocative music continues Save that youngster. Many lives were saved by that child. music stops car door shuts firmly. Seen everything? soundtrack for a thriller Check to see whether any people survived! Sure, sir. Come on, get out of here! Come on, please. Let’s go. Why are there no Turkish troops who have died? gunshots Man wails stress song the music intensifies music stops What are you doing here, Uncle clever? Girl, I’ve been waiting for you for a while. I called numerous times, but you never answered. If our Pelin daughter didn’t know, I was going to phone her and tell her not to hurry. Continued gunfire tense music keeps playing On the slope, over there!

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