How to protect a mobile phone from corona virus?

A mobile phone may also be responsible for the spread of the Corona virus, which requires some precautionary measures to protect the cell phone from this deadly virus.

The corona virus, which is infected with coronary virus and causes more than 10,000 deaths worldwide, can easily reach human skin via a mobile phone and enter the body through the ear, nose or mouth. May be.

Mobile Phone Cleaning With Pesticides Wipes

A few precautions can be taken to protect the mobile phone from the Corona virus. Always use sterile cushion wipes to clean mobile phones, which are readily available in the market at affordable prices.

Clean with soft and microfiber cloths

The well-known mobile company also uses its soft and micro fiber fabric to clean its customers’ mobile.
Recommends. Never use linen cloth.

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The use of mobile Sennizer

Mobile companies say that Sennheiser can also be used for mobile screen and body cleaning, and many mobile Sennheiser are available in the market, while after the recent outbreak, there is also a kit with Sennheiser that specializes in cleaning. There is also cloth.

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Repeat cleaning with tissue paper

Each time you use a mobile phone, the tissue paper should be thoroughly cleaned and the tissue thrown away. In addition, cell phones should not be handed over to suspected patients.

Mobile Senitizer

How to protect a mobile phone from corona virus?

It should be noted that the corona virus can survive on different metal surfaces for different times and if the corona virus is infected on a mobile phone, touching it can infect human skin or enter the body through ear, nose or mouth while listening to a call. Can cause destruction.

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