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The Corona virus lockdown cleared the canals of Venice

Rome, Italy – In European countries Italy is currently infected with the Corona virus epidemic, which has been quarantined / locked down all over the country to prevent further spread. However, its positive effects on the canals of Venice have started to appear and their water has been completely cleansed.

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Some Venezuelan citizens have shared some pictures on social media showing the clear transparent water of Venice’s famous canals.

The water is so transparent that even the fish floating in it are visible, while before the lockdown, the water was very dirty and it started to smell.

Reports of environmental pollution reduction due to quarantine / lockdown have been circulating for the past few days, suggesting that the reduction of industrial and commercial activity has reduced the emissions of hazardous gases in the atmosphere and has improved the atmosphere slightly.

Italy is also regarded as the main tourist destination in Europe due to its historical and beautiful places, where more than 60 million foreign tourists visited in 2018. Italy ranks fifth in global tourism.

But because of the tourist activities, the natural beauty was also being polluted, which, in order to protect it, the Italian government had made strict rules for tourists. However, to no avail.

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Italy is almost completely shut down as a result of quarantine / lockdown, and all routines, including tourism, are suspended. Its pleasant effects can be seen in the environment which is undoubtedly interesting and surprising.

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