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After Twitter, SnapChat also decided against the US President

SnapChat has also spoken out against the account of US President Donald Trump in support of Twitter on social media platforms.

“We will no longer promote accounts in the United States that incite people to racist violence, even if they do not do so on our platform,” Avon Spiegel, CEO of SnapChat, said in a memo to employees. ۔

“SnapChat’s Discover page is a page where the company decides what to show there, and we want to make it clear that this is not a gray area against racism, violence and injustice, and that we will not allow such accounts and content Will not support on your platform.

He did not name the US president, but a SnapChat spokesman said in a statement that “we will no longer promote the US president’s content on SnapChat’s Discover platform.”

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“We cannot promote voices that incite people to racist violence and injustice, these things have no place in our society and we are all united with those who seek peace, love, equality and They want justice.

However, the company said that Donald Trump’s SnapChat account will remain public and accessible to those who follow or search for it.

The use of SnapChat by the US President for the presidential campaign has increased with the aim of gaining the attention of young voters and the number of their SnapChat followers has tripled in the last 8 months to 1.5 million. Is.

Social media apps have recently launched a war against the US president.

The first tweet was that the US President put a fact check label on 2 tweets on which Donald Trump issued an executive order against social media companies.

Twitter then hid a tweet from the US president on the protests following the death of black George Floyd, calling it a provocation for violence.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, has refused to remove US President’s posts or label fact checks from his platform.

Several employees of the company also protested online against his position.

Now SnapChat has become part of the controversy and has supported Twitter.

SnapChat is a popular youth app with over 220 million daily active users.

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