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What are Ertugrul’s Turgat and Bamsi going to do now?

The actors who played the roles of Turgat Alp and Bamsi in the Turkish drama Derelish Ertugrul, which is being aired in Urdu on Pakistan Television (PTV) under the name of Ertugrul Ghazi, had recently come to Pakistan.

Actor Genghis Joshkun, who played the role of ‘Turgat Alp’, and Nooruddin Sonmir, who played the role of Bamsi, came to Pakistan as ambassadors of a Pakistani brand and several of their pictures went viral on social media.

On this occasion, Dawn Icon also had the opportunity to talk to him in which he spoke on various topics.

He was also impressed by the enthusiasm of the Pakistani fans and said that he was very happy to come to Pakistan.

He was asked if he knew about Pakistan before the popularity of Ertugrul series.

“We were aware of the fraternal relations between Pakistan and Turkey, but when the show became popular in Pakistan, we had the opportunity to learn a lot about it,” Genghis said.

“When Ertugrul was successful around the world, we learned from fans about a number of countries,” explained Nooruddin Sonmir. We now know that there is a lot in common between Pakistanis and Turks, we have the same values, we are warm-hearted, passionate, talkative and believe in the humility of our guests.

He was asked if he thought Ertugrul would be so successful around the world.

“We had faith in the project, but of course we did not know it would be so successful,” said Nooruddin Sonmeer. We expressed it with faith in our hearts.

He added: “I don’t think people believe Ertugrul’s story because it focuses on the principles of a warrior’s life, if I am the leader and you come to my tribe and the enemy demands you back So your protection is my duty even if I am weak in front of the enemy. I can’t bow my head because my faith guides me and I have a clear opinion about the truth, even those who were not fighters in this story adhere to Islamic values ​​with full determination.

When asked if strong Islamic beliefs are the main reason for the success of this series?

Genghis Joshua agreed, saying: “This is a story that takes people on a spiritual journey and yes Muslims in particular are attached to it, but I often meet fans who are non-Muslims. In today’s world when people have strayed from their values, they are drawn to a story like Ertugrul, in which moral principles are important and traditions are preserved, this is a story that touches the heart.

“We often talk about Rumi and Shams on social media and people react enthusiastically,” said Nooruddin Sonmir. It is good that this series has increased the knowledge of the people about the Islamic way of life and thinking.

Fan expectations

فوٹو بشکریہ ڈان آئیکون
Photo courtesy of Dawn Icon

When asked if playing the role of an Islamic hero did not increase the pressure on them to adopt certain behaviors in real life? Don’t fans get angry when their pictures look different (Western lifestyle)?

The actors said that this seems to happen all the time

Nooruddin said: “There are comments from people asking why I have a tattoo on my body or why I cut my hair in a certain way, but there are two ways to practice faith, one about everything. I have a strong ideology and the other is to stick to the Muslim Brotherhood and love each other. I believe in the other, but I am not angry with the opinion of the people. This means that I did my job very well which made them so confident about my role.

“Actors just do their job, and we are Muslims, which is why I think we did our job very well,” Genghis said. Not only did we physically become part of the series, but we told the story by adding our love, passion, faith to it. That is why Ertugrul became so popular all over the world. But that does not mean that I will not play a non-Muslim role in the future. This is my job, I played the role of a villain in the movie from which I made my debut and people liked it too.

“Ten years ago, I played the role of a Serb soldier and wore a cross around my neck, so I just did my job,” Nooruddin said.

This has been their longest role so far and yes they were both the most prominent soldiers of the Ertugrul army. Turgat was seen fighting in all five seasons of the series while Nooruddin played the role of Bamsi for 7 years, first in Ertugrul and then in the second season of its sequel Korlush Usman.

Nooruddin laughed and said, “I left the drama in the second season, because I played the role of Bamsi for a long time. For two years, I played the role of old Bamsi in Usman, but now I have to play other roles.” Want to I started thinking like Bamsi, I was standing in one of Usman’s scenes waiting for Usman to come, although the camera was not on my side, but I was thinking first I was waiting for Ertugrul and now Usman’s Have to wait for

But is Nooruddin like Bamsi in real life?

He said, “Yes, I am a rebel. It is said that a horse reacts according to the personality of its prince, and once I was shooting a scene in which the tribe is riding on 30 horses.” All the horses turned to one side, the camera, but my horse refused to do so and insisted on standing in the opposite direction.

Genghis said with a laugh, “Once the army was riding and we had to stop at a place, Nur-ud-Din’s horse roared and moved towards the tents on the seat.”

Turgut also had several experiences behind the screen. The show went on for so long that we have many stories to tell. Once I was using an ax, for some reason my elbow was broken. It was a painful experience. “

All the characters in this story fell in love at some point except Bamsi, this character was not associated with anyone in the first 3 seasons so what was the reason?

“I read on Google that Reuters is probably scared of Bamsi because he is so scared of love,” Nooruddin said.

In contrast, Turgut’s character was different. The first was his love affair with an Ike woman who died in the second season.

According to Genghis, “Turgat had two wives, but both were killed. It was tragic, but it showed how people see the fighters, but I think they also go through hardships.”

When asked which wife he liked best, he replied, “Ikeas, the first is always more special.”

Life after Ertugrul

فوٹو بشکریہ ڈان آئیکون
Photo courtesy of Dawn Icon

When asked why he did not appear in other roles after the demise of Ertugrul, Genghis admitted: “I choose my projects very carefully, I do not want to work for money only, I want to do that. I am the one I feel excited about.

He added: “I had acted in a film Malazgirt 1071 which was to be released last year, in which I played the role of Sultan Alp Arsalan, but it could not be released due to the corona virus epidemic and now it Will be released this December and will probably be released in Pakistani cinemas as well.

When asked if working in films is really easier than working in a series, Genghis said, “It’s not about what is easy and what is not, in a film you know the beginning and the end. There is no change in the middle of his story.

Nooruddin said in this regard, “When you work in films, you do not fit into a character-like personality, because after some time, the work on the project is completed.”

“Nooruddin and I are working together on a film. It is still in its early stages, but its story revolves around Shah Ismail and Sultan Saleem, but we are not friends,” said Genghis.

“We will be enemies,” Nooruddin said.

So who is the hero and who is the villain? On this, Genghis said, “They are neither good nor bad, their beliefs are different, but they think they are right, maybe one day we will work on a project with Pakistan.”

When asked if his Instagram following has increased since Ertugrul was broadcast in Pakistan, Nooruddin said it happened overnight.

When asked if he had heard reports that he had been offered marriage online, Genghis laughed and said, “I’m still getting it. I’m grateful for this way of showering love on people.”

Responding to a question about the corona virus, Genghis said he was infected with the code and “my nose remained closed for three days and then I recovered.”

Nooruddin said that 3 days after his illness, he was having burps in his garden.

Read the full interview in Dawn

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