How did China overcome the Corona virus outbreak in such a short time?

The new Novel Corona virus epidemic has begun to wane in China but is spreading rapidly to other countries around the world. On March 18, there was no local case of Cod 19, a disease caused by the Corona virus in China, but no such case was reported on March 19, however, people coming from abroad were diagnosed with the disease.

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Thousands of cases were diagnosed on March 18 outside China.

So how did China finally succeed in preventing the outbreak?

This was answered by Dr. Bruce Alvord of the World Health Organization, who visited China as the head of a team of 25 medical professionals.

On his return from China, he said that millions of people in China survived the disease because there was a very aggressive reaction.

He said that the Chinese government’s techniques were old-fashioned, but they were applied in a new way to the scale we have never seen in history.

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Learn the effective and dramatic methods of China that have played a significant role in preventing this new Corona virus.

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