FIR lodged against Indian singer infected with corona virus

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The famous Indian singer Kanika Kapoor was diagnosed with the Corona virus yesterday, after which the actress was accused of keeping a travel history secret and has now been booked in police.

According to NDTV report, the FIR was registered by the Lucknow Chief Medical Officer.

The chief medical officer wrote in her complaint that the singer had a screening at the airport on March 14, after which she also had symptoms of nausea, at which time Kanika was advised to quarantine her at home, but she did not. Attended several events instead of following.

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It may be recalled that 41-year-old Kanika Kapoor had arrived in Lucknow this month from London, after which her test of Corona came out positive.

During this time the singers became part of 3 events, where a large number of people were present.

A large number of Indian politicians were also present at these events.

He also stayed for a night at the Five Star Hotel in Lucknow, while visiting several shopping malls.

On the other hand, Kanika Kapoor claimed that she had reached Lucknow on March 11, while she had reached Mumbai airport from London on March 9.

However, after the singer’s claim, the Lucknow chief medical officer also said that there were some mistakes in his FIR.

According to him, the singer came to Lucknow on March 11, where he was not screened, though he was screened at Mumbai Airport on March 9.

The report further said that more than 100 people have undergone corona test at King George Medical University Hospital in Lucknow who were present at the event along with Kanika.

According to hospital sources, not all of these individuals were diagnosed with the corona virus.

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Remember that Kanika Kapoor is one of the most successful Bollywood singers, she has sung popular songs like ‘Baby Doll’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Amber Saria’ and ‘Beat Pea Boti’.

It should be remembered that on December 31 last year, Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of the Novel Corona virus epidemic, which was named Sarz Cove 2 on February 20, 2020, and the disease caused by it was named Cod19.

The outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China, after which it engulfed the world while watching.

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