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YouTube removed the video of Saba Qamar’s ‘Wedding in Corona’ due to copyright

Streaming website YouTube has removed the new video released by popular actress Saba Qamar on the official YouTube channel due to copyrights.

Saba Qamar had released the third video on her YouTube channel on June 7, in which the actress had released humorous news about playing the roles of ‘Wedding in Corona’ and ‘Mohalla Ki Phoopho’.

The actress also tweeted about the release of the video, in which she said that she has released the third episode of ‘Chiska News with Saba Qamar and Shahveer Jafari’ with well-known comedian Shahveer Jaffery.

The actress also released the trailer of her third episode on Twitter, in which the actress was portrayed as a newscaster.

In the trailer, Saba Qamar was seen reading Chiska News in the studio and in the initial stage, in the segment of ‘Marriage in Corona’, she mentioned the recent marriages in the Pakistani showbiz industry.

The trailer also featured Shahveer Jaffery as a news reporter who was seen beeping on an old video and behind the scenes women were seen exiting a market in Karachi.

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In the said beeper, Shahveer Jafari was heard jokingly saying that the women have expressed their determination that they will take Corona home and kill her.

The video was also well-received on Twitter, but the entire video of Saba Qamar was removed from her official YouTube account due to copyrights.

Saba Qamar’s video was removed from YouTube due to Usman Asad Khan’s copyright claim.

It may be recalled that Saba Qamar had announced to launch a YouTube channel in April this year, after which the actress released the first episode on YouTube on April 23.

The actress released the second episode on May 18 last month, in which she also revealed about her personal life and said that in the past she had wasted 8 years of her life to save a relationship.

The actress had revealed that she had been humiliating the person she had loved in the past for 8 years, apologizing to him and then humiliating him.

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The actress did not name the man in the video who mistreated her for eight years.

اداکارہ کی ویڈیو عثمان اسد خان کے دعوے کی وجہ سے ہٹائی گئی—اسکرین شاٹ

Actress’s video removed due to Usman Asad Khan’s claim; screenshot

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