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YouTube offers the option to split long videos into Parts

London: The introductory stages of teaching or teaching videos on YouTube are often lengthy and people want to hear or see the original article somehow. Now YouTube is offering such a feature very soon.

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With this option any video will be divided into articles or chapters and timestamps of minutes and seconds can be put on it. For example, the introduction of a video will start at 0:00, the analysis at 1:32, the positive and meaningful aspects at 6:54 and the conclusion at 9:10, and the video creator will be able to divide it into different parts.

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However, not all video makers have timestamps or specifics. Currently YouTube itself is not considering adding this option on its own.
Some YouTube users have reported that this option has been started and can be viewed. However, it depends entirely on the video maker and if this trend continues, almost every video maker will be able to adopt it as it will be possible to split a video into multiple sections through a timestamp and a brief explanation on each new chapter. This section will also include a description. In this way, the likelihood of watching a video will also increase.

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But many people lecture on the video and they will definitely take care of it. This massive change will benefit YouTube itself and make the video more useful, useful and easy to watch.

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