Yes! Complete relief from high blood pressure is possible

The way we live a busy and stressful life results in a variety of illnesses, one of which is hypertension.

High blood pressure means that when the heart pumps blood into the body, there is more pressure on the arteries. This pressure usually occurs when the arteries constrict and become smaller or there is an excess of blood in the body.

Causes of high blood pressure include excess salt in the diet, excessive consumption of beef and stress. In addition, high blood pressure is caused by routine life disorders such as eating disorders, lack of exercise and mental disorders.

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Symptoms of high blood pressure
Some symptoms indicate that a person has the disease. The most important symptoms are:

1. Severe headache, 2. Dizziness, 3. Feeling the earth spinning, 4. Irritability in the mood, 5. Anger at talk, sometimes due to the intensity of anger blood pressure becomes very high due to rupture of arteries in the brain, which can lead to death, 6. Fainting or drowsiness prevails, 7. There is also a feeling of pain and tension in the body.

Other causes of high blood pressure

In addition to the causes of high blood pressure mentioned above, there are many other causes that can cause us to suffer from this painful disease. The reasons are:

1. Gas, indigestion, sitting or lying down immediately after eating, 2. Hormonal problems, 3. Depression, 4. Obesity, 5. Excessive salt consumption, 6. Use of hot foods, 7. Hard work, 8. Don’t play games, exercise and avoid walking, 9. Lack of endurance, 10. Suffering from grief and sorrow, 11. Excessive consumption of poultry foods, 12. Excessive consumption of frozen or home-frozen foods.

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High blood pressure damages the blood vessels. When the blood pressure is high, the blood vessels become narrow.

Homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure

Here are some homeopathic remedies that can cure various ailments. The relevant medication can be used depending on the type of symptoms.

1. Glofine: Symptoms: Severe headache and fatigue. The face turns red. Blood pressure rises towards the brain. The patient loses consciousness. The heart beats faster.

2. Belladonna: Symptoms: Red face, hot forehead, cold hands and feet, blood pressure towards the head.

3. Nix Wamika: Symptoms: This is the best medicine for blood pressure caused by gas. This medicine can be taken if you have symptoms like headache and irritability. Especially medicine for stonemasons, clerks, shopkeepers.

4. Lachesis: Symptoms: When the patient has no obvious symptoms, giving this medicine makes the symptoms clear.

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5. Zirconic acid: Symptoms: If calcium accumulates (or freezes) in the arteries of the heart, then this medicine is effective and has the power to dissolve other substances including calcium.

6. Bright peacock: Symptoms: If the body cools down like ice and the arteries become thick and cause the heart to dilate, then this medicine is effective.

Medications to lower all types of blood pressure:

Mix Arnica, Retax and Aconite, 3-2 drops in a little water and use in the morning and evening.

Gelsim: If you have high blood pressure after hearing any bad news, give this medicine.

(It is best to consult a physician before taking any medication)

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