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Year 2022: Pakistanis are most interested in which mobile phone?

Due to inflation in the year 2022, Pakistanis’ interest in slightly more expensive phones led by Apple and Samsung has decreased.

Due to inflation and rising unemployment, Pakistanis searched for information related to mobile phones of the Chinese mobile company ‘Vivo’ on Google this year.

Google Trends shows that Pakistanis searched for different brands of smartphones in 2022, including Samsung, Apple, Infinix, Oppo and Vivo among others, but this year compared to the past, Samsung and Apple. Very little information was found.

Surprisingly, despite the inflation, people in Pakistan also searched for information about Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was introduced this year.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is Apple’s most expensive phone, with a Pakistani price of more than 4 lakh rupees, but still Pakistanis searched for information about the said mobile.

Most Searched Mobile Brands on Google
10 – Oppo: A16

09 – Samsung: A32

08 – Infinix: Hot 12

07- Infinix: Note 12

06- Real Me: C35

05 – Vivo: V23E

04 – Vivo: Y21

03 – Oppo: F21 Pro

02 – iPhone: 14 Pro Max

01- Vivo: V23

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