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Yasir Nawaz donated plasma after his recovery from Corona

Leading actor, filmmaker and producer Yasir Nawaz, his wife actress and host Nada Yasir and their son were diagnosed with corona on May 25 last month.

The couple quarantined themselves after being diagnosed with the epidemic and the couple remained in quarantine for about 20 days, after which they had a re-test which turned out to be negative.

Ndayasir had told her fans the good news of her Test negative on June 15 and she was seen doing her morning show on TV from the same day.


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Please donate plasma and help save lives

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However, he did not say anything about Yasir Nawaz, but now Yasir Nawaz also donated his blood plasma after defeating Corona.

The actor released a video of donating blood plasma on Instagram and instructed his fans to do the same.

Yasir Nawaz said his first Corona test was positive and his second was negative and he had a good day in Quarantine with caution and is now donating his blood plasma to help others.


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He told fans that if any of his fans had recovered from Corona, he should donate his blood plasma to help other sick patients recover.

Keep in mind that blood plasma becomes stronger during the treatment of a person suffering from corona and after recovery, blood plasma is given to other patients with corona, due to which they recover faster.

During the video, Yasir Nawaz looked a bit weak, but said he was fine.


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18th wedding anniversary❤️

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He also released videos during the quarantine, in which he was seen urging fans to be cautious about Corona.

The actor also released a video of simply celebrating his 18th wedding anniversary during quarantine.

His wife, Nada Yasir, said in her first morning show after recovering on June 15 that her husband Yasir Nawaz first fell ill and had a high fever, so he went to see a doctor, but the doctor also initially He said that Yasir Nawaz may have got fever due to extreme heat but later he was diagnosed with Corona.

According to the actress, after the diagnosis of Corona, Yasir Nawaz became upset and kept saying that if something happened to us, what would happen to our children and I also started getting mentally disturbed by such things.

Dakara said that although she did not have any symptoms of corona, she was mentally disturbed by her husband’s words, because her husband used to say, “What will happen to our children if we die?”

The actress said that her husband’s frustrating words made her depressed, which made it difficult for her to breathe.

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