Will an old vaccine prevent the corona virus?

In Australia this week, research began to use vaccines used in various countries for tuberculosis (TB) against the new Novel Corona virus disease cod 19.

The vaccine, developed more than a hundred years ago, is now being tested in many European countries against the disease, and scientists want to provide immediate protection for medical staff as well as others.

A vaccine called Bacillus Calmetti Gouverne (BCG) is still common in developing countries such as Pakistan, and scientists have discovered that it is effective in preventing TB as well as other diseases.

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The vaccine is also helping to prevent various causes of newborn deaths and also reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

The vaccine “trains” the immune system to identify and respond to various types of viruses, bacteria and parasitic infections, although evidence is not yet available regarding the corona virus, but now several clinical trials are trying to find the answer.

On Monday, Australian scientists began a trial in which thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical workers are using this vaccine or a single drug.

“The vaccine can strengthen the immune system, which can help to better protect against various infections,” said Dr. Nigel Curtis, lead of the team at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne.

The research will continue for six months and scientists say that although the vaccine was developed against TB, it is still given to 13 million children worldwide annually, which strengthens the human immune system, And he is trained to fight against germs in full intensity.

The trial of 1,000 medical workers began 10 days ago in the Netherlands, and 800 people have already volunteered for it, according to Radhaud University Medical Center epidemiologist Dr. Mehai G. Netya.

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Dr. Dennis Fosterman, director of immunobiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, also wants funding for a vaccine trial in the United States, with preliminary results available in four months.

“We already have solid data from clinical trials on humans that this vaccine can protect you from viral and parasite infections, so I want to start the trial today,” says Dr. Dennis.

The history of this vaccine is unusual in that the idea of ​​making it came to light when medical experts observed that breastfeeding women are safe from TB.

The vaccine was named after the makers of it, Dr. Albert Calmetti and Dr. Kamli Gavorn, which they developed in the early 1900s with a type of TB that affects cattle.

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The vaccine was first used by humans in 1921 after a decade of animal testing, and after World War II, it became widely used worldwide.

Like other vaccines, BC has a specific target, namely TB, but over the past decade, there has been evidence that this vaccine has other positive effects, such as viral, respiratory infections. And the severity of the illness decreases while the physical immune system is strengthened.

Scientists also discovered that in developed countries, so much emphasis is placed on hygiene, that children’s germ linkages are diminished, the immune system weakens and disease resistance is reduced due to lack of training.

In 2011, a study conducted on two and a half thousand children in the West African country of Guinea-Bissau highlighted the benefits of the vaccine.

According to the study, the vaccine resulted in a dramatic decrease in the mortality rate of underweight children.

A follow-up study found that the vaccine reduced the mortality rate by more than 40% in infants born with birth defects.

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Other research reports, including a 25-year-long study that included 1.5 million children in 33 countries, revealed that the vaccine resulted in up to 40 percent risk of respiratory infections in children. Decreased.

A study conducted in the elderly found that BCG vaccination reduces the risk of upper respiratory infections.

A recent World Health Organization analysis revealed that more trials should be conducted on the effects of this vaccine against many types of infections.

According to Dr Nigel Curtis, who researched it in Australia, “the vaccine has saved many lives, like the polio vaccine, its story is amazing”.

He hopes research on this could help Australia prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

However, they say it is not a specific vaccine for Cod-19, and it cannot help those whose immune system is already weak, because it is a living virus, in simple terms, living with it but weak TB. The virus is included.

Dr. Dennis Fosterman The vaccine should not be used in hospital patients because of Cod-19, as it may not work too quickly and other methods can have a negative impact on the treatment effect.

A recent study explored the relationship between the effects of the new corona virus and the BCB vaccine in middle and high-income countries.

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In countries where the vaccine is not used, the coronary virus cases and mortality rates are high, low-income countries were not included in the study, which led to Cod-19’s unreliable data and poor medical systems.

“You can develop a new vaccine, we are really smart and we can do it, but it can take up to 2 years and not be too late in those 2 years,” says Dr. Dennis.

They say, “If there is something available in our world that we can use to make human beings stronger, then it will be a success for everyone.”

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