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Why is the corona virus more deadly in some countries? The answer came

The new Novel Corona virus has caused more deaths in Europe and America than in Asia, and it was a question for clinicians as to why the death rate varied so much in different regions.

Now Chinese scientists have answered why the new virus is proving so deadly in some countries.

Dr. Li Lan Juan, a professor at Zhejiang University in China, and his team discovered a variety of the virus in a small group of patients that had never been reported before.

In fact, such genetic mutations in viruses do not usually occur, and scientists did not even think that coronaviruses could do so.

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The team also proved for the first time, based on laboratory evidence, that some types of the virus are more lethal than others.

The study, which has not yet been published in a medical journal, but published its results on an open website, in which scientists say the new corona virus has created the ability to make a number of changes.

The research also provided evidence for the first time that the types of the virus affect the severity or damage of the disease.

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The study used unusual methods to investigate genetic mutations in the virus, and samples of viral strains were obtained from 11×19 patients in Hong Kong and then shown how effective they are in infecting and killing cells. ۔

The researchers found that most patients across Europe had the deadly strain of the virus, while strain strains were discovered in various parts of the United States, such as Washington state.

But the kind of virus that was discovered in a separate study by the same team in New York had arrived from Europe and that is why the death toll is not higher than most European countries.

But the researchers said that the weaker types did not mean that the risk was lower for everyone, in fact 2 patients aged 30 and 50 had a weaker type of virus, but they became more ill, although they both survived in the end. , But the older patient had to be admitted to the ICU.

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The study sheds light on the differences in mortality rates in different regions, as the rate of deaths and cases varies from country to country and different explanations are given by scientists.

Geneticists had previously suspected that different types of the virus caused the difference in mortality, but no evidence was found.

The results of this new study complicate the outbreak as survival rates depend on a number of factors, such as age, pre-disease, or even blood coagulation.

In hospitals, all patients with Cod 19 are treated with the same disease, ie, the same treatment, but Chinese scientists say that the type of virus in a region should be defined so that it can be treated accordingly.

According to Chinese media, Professor Dr. Li Lan Juan was the first scientist to propose to lock down Wuhan, and the government acted on it in the third decade of January.

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The volume of this research was small, which means that hundreds or thousands of other types of virus research reports could be discovered.

The study identified more than 30 species, 19 of which were brand new.

According to research, these changes lead to changes in the functions of the virus’s spike protein (the part that the virus uses to infect a cell).

To prove this idea, the research team infected the cells with different types of the virus, and found that the most aggressive types cause 270 times more viral loads compared to the weaker ones, while they also infect the cells much faster.

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