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When will the corona virus epidemic end in Pakistan? The prediction came

Two months have passed since the outbreak of the new novel Corona virus in Pakistan and so far 13,304 cases have been confirmed and 277 deaths have been reported.

Lockdowns have been carried out across the country to control the epidemic, which is also being increased from time to time, and apparently given the increase in the rate of cases, it is unlikely to end soon.

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That is, it is difficult to say how long the spread of the disease will be controlled in the country, but given the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) forecast, it will take more time to control the virus in Pakistan. It takes about a month and a half.

An analysis of artificial intelligence data by the university predicts the end of the Code 19 epidemic in countries around the world.

For this purpose, the researchers suspected. Certified The Recover or SIR epidemic model was used to predict the duration of corona virus outbreak worldwide using data from healthy people with suspected and confirmed cases from different countries.

The University of Singapore has predicted that the epidemic in Pakistan will be 97% controlled by June 8.

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Photo courtesy of Singapore University of Technology and Design
Photo courtesy of Singapore University of Technology and Design

According to the data, in fact, the epidemic has not yet reached its peak in Pakistan and it will start peaking from April 27, after which the rate of cases will gradually decrease to 97% by June 9, 99% by June 23 and One hundred percent control can be achieved by September 1.

The university clarified that the forecast estimates are being updated daily on the basis of new data while this analysis and estimation is for educational and research purposes only and there is a possibility of error.

According to the university, the global epidemic can be controlled by 97% by May 29, the rate will reach 99% by June 17 and 100% by December 9.

The United States, the country most affected by the epidemic, will have 97 percent control by May 11, while Sufi control will be possible by August 27.

May 7 in Italy, May 21 in Saudi Arabia, May 11 in the UAE, May 16 in Turkey, May 15 in the UK, May 7 in Italy, May 3 in Spain, May 2 in Germany, May 5 in France, Japan By May 18, May 19 in Iran, June 6 in Indonesia, May 6 in Malaysia, June 4 in Singapore and May 21 in India, the epidemic could be controlled by 97%.

The accuracy of this AI analysis and estimation will be decided in the next few days.

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It may be recalled that the number of cases in the country had reached one thousand since the first case on February 26 to March 25. However, since then till today, April 26, not only more than 10,000 cases have come to light but in the same period. There were also more than 200 deaths.

The government also extended the nationwide partial lockdown until May 9 to prevent further spread of the virus.

The total number of healthy people in the country has reached 2866.

Doctors have also termed the month of May as very important for corona virus in Pakistan in which the number of cases is likely to increase due to non-observance of precautionary measures

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