When we got married, they started asking, “Does it smell different from each other’s skin?Shanira Akram

Former national cricket captain and wife of renowned cricket commentator Wasim Akram, Shanira Akram has termed racism as a disease and said that when she and Wasim Akram got married, people started talking about it.

Shanira Akram wrote in her post that when they got married, her husband was told that he married a girl from another country only because she was fair.

He wrote that then there was a lot of talk about their marriage and various questions were asked about their couple and it was asked whether their skin smells different?

According to Shanira Akram, it was also said that why Wasim Akram did not marry a native girl or a woman of dark complexion?


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‪“He only married her because she’s white. She must be easy! Does his skin smell different? Why couldn’t he marry a Brown girl? It’s not natural for two skin colours to mix. Interracial relationships never work. What spell did she put on him? He will never take you seriously because your white. Your both so different. You will never be accepted as a real couple. His sons can’t have a Gori stepmother. If you have children they will grow up confused and treated differently”. We have had it on both sides, it’s ugly and unwarranted! Skin colour only troubles the people in this world who sees it. Like millions of others, We are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing, LOVE does. #KeepFighting #RacismIsRasicmInAnyCapacity #TheWorldIsColourful #RacismHasNoPlaceInThisWorld #RacismIsNotABeliefItsADisease

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The former cricketer’s wife wrote that he was told that he would be hesitant when they had children after their marriage, while Wasim Akram’s first wife’s children would never accept Gauri as their stepmother. Will not do it.

Shinira Akram wrote in her post that these are all nonsense, the fact that they are still together today and their living together is proof that there is no difference of color and race, in fact love and It is important to understand each other’s feelings.

Rejecting racial differences, he wrote that racial prejudice only spreads anxiety.

The former cricketer’s wife also used hashtags in her post to reject racial prejudice and call it a disease rather than a belief.

In her post, Shanira Akram also shared a picture of her husband and her hands and gave a powerful message to people to love beyond race and color.

Shinira Akram’s post comes at a time when protests are taking place around the world against the injustices done to people of color and race, especially blacks.

The protests erupted last May 25 after the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by police in Minneapolis, and people began speaking out against racism.

After the same campaign, Shanira Akram also recorded a protest against racial prejudice in her post and directed the people to transcend color and race and establish relationships in the spirit of love.


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My 3 beautiful babes, love you all so much ?? #MummasDay2020

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It may be recalled that Shanira Akram had married Wasim Akram in 2013 at the age of 30 and they had a daughter in 2014.

Shanira Akram hails from Australia, but soon after her marriage, she adopted Pakistani traditions and culture and won the hearts of Pakistanis.

Wasim Akram’s first wife Dr Huma died in 2009 and the former cricketer has two sons from his first wife.

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