When do Cod 19 victims transmit this virus?

In those who are infected with the new noval corona virus, the prevalence of Cod19 is increased in healthy individuals after symptoms develop.

It is believed that the new virus began to spread from China’s city of Wuhan in December 2019, which the World Health Organization called the Global Public Health Emergency in January, and ever since, scientists have been constantly trying to find out.

The main purpose of knowing about the Novel Corona Virus is to help set up effective prevention strategies.

Now 2 research reports have revealed that viral RNA levels are highest in patients when symptoms begin to appear.

In a study by Hong Kong University, Shenzhen Hospital, scientists analyzed the sputum samples of 23 patients.

The study found that the virus gathering in those affected by Cod-19 reached a peak immediately after feeling sick and began to decline a week later.

The more viral RNA contained in a patient’s body, the more it expels them through coughing or sneezing.

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Researchers say that the high levels of virus particles can easily transmit the disease to one another, even if the symptoms are not very prominent.

These findings are also supported by another study that examined the contents of the nose and throat.

Viral RNA samples were collected in 18 patients in this study, out of which 17 showed symptoms while one did not show symptoms.

Researchers discovered that patients with moderate symptoms have the same viral RNA as patients without symptoms, however, the proportion of those with milder symptoms is lower than those with severe symptoms.

Scientists involved in the study at China’s Hospital of Nan-Chung University said that the findings indicate that the combination of viral RNA can predict whether the severity of the symptoms will increase.

The results of these two research reports were published in the journal Journal Nature.

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Earlier in mid-March, research by German universities had yielded similar results and pointed out why the virus was spreading so easily, which is why most people would pass it on. There are, when the symptoms are minor and cold.

Researchers published it online, looking at how and by what means the virus spreads to different stages.

Researchers analyzed several samples of 9 Cod 19 victims who were being treated at a hospital in Munich and the severity of them all was moderate.

All of these patients were young or middle-aged and did not suffer from any other disease.

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Researchers collected their saliva, blood, urine, mucus and waste samples at different stages of infection and then analyzed them.

Samples taken from patients’ throat revealed that the virus is most contagious in the first week when a person enters a person’s body, while blood and urine samples did not detect any virus. Viral NA was present in the waste.

Researchers say that it is completely different from the SARS virus, in which the virus transfer process takes place in 7 to 10 days, but in the new nasal corona virus the process is accelerated 5 days earlier and compared to SARS. Is a thousand times higher.

They also discovered that in those individuals whose severity is high, the virus infection rises to the 10th or 11th day, whereas in moderated patients, the severity of this process decreases after 5 days. On the 10th day and this patient will probably not spread it anymore.

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But researchers say the presence of virus RNA in the waste fails to create a viral culture, indicating that it could not possibly be a source of infection.

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