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What are the major technology companies taking action against the Corona virus?

The Corona virus epidemic is spreading worldwide, but measures are also being taken by countries and people to protect it.

At a time when people in most countries are being forced to live in their homes and work from home, many of the world’s leading technology companies are taking different steps to raise public awareness.

The following are steps to be taken to prevent rumors and misinformation from large companies in this regard.


Facebook announced on March 19 the Corona virus information center at Newsfeed to the top.

This information center is a new feature of Facebook aimed at spreading the useful information provided by governments and medical researchers regarding the virus while minimizing the spread of misinformation.

This information center will be updated in real time, while new information and suggestions will be provided from other official sources, including the World Health Organization.

Similarly, Facebook banned ads for the treatment of the Corona virus, while the World Health Organization announced a $ 200 million advertising site.


An alert is being pinned on Instagram by each Instagram feed, which is a link to a trusted medical source, while all the effects that are related to the virus are being shared in the app.


WhatsApp introduces the WhatsApp Corona virus page on its website to help more people access authentic information about the Corona virus, where people have access to accurate information about the rapidly spreading epidemic worldwide. Has been ensured.

The Corona virus information feature introduced by the WhatsApp has been presented not only with the support of global healthcare organizations, but also by the messaging application to ensure accurate information delivery in this feature. Has worked with.

But in addition to providing accurate information to millions of WhatsApp users, the World Health Organization has also introduced a Health Alert or Chatbot that provides statistics, answers to various questions and other information.

For this purpose, save the phone message to +41 79 893 1892 and send hi message on it, opening the menu in front of you, which can be accessed through various emojis.

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If Twitter hashtags related to the Corona virus are searched, then instances such as Instagram that link to information from trusted medical sources are being deleted, as well as deleting tweets that express conspiratorial views. While various companies have been warned about the sensitivity of the situation.


Google will also take different steps, first of all, it has worked to block misleading apps in the Play Store for Android.

In addition, Corona has introduced a separate website, for information about the virus and other details.

In addition, the World Health Organization has announced a donation of $ 75 million to the Cod19 Solidarity Fund.


The company has introduced a tracker to help track the number of Corona virus cases worldwide, which can also see local details of each country by clicking on its name.

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This company has taken action against apps that are spreading false information in its App Store, and has also announced donating face masks.

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