Well known TV host Tariq Aziz has passed away

Leading Pakistani TV host, actor and politician Tariq Aziz, who became famous for his dialogues such as Tariq Aziz’s Greetings to Eyes and Ears, has passed away at the age of 84.

He was born in 1936 in Jalandhar, India. His father, Mian Abdul Aziz, emigrated to Pakistan in 1947. Tariq Aziz received his early education in Sahiwal.

After which he started his professional career with Radio Pakistan, Lahore.

He was also a poet and actor. He did many radio and TV programs and also acted in movies.

Tariq Aziz had written in his will that since he has no children, he names all his assets in the name of Pakistan.

Shortly before the death of Tariq Aziz, tweets were sent on social media from an account attributed to him. Later, his death was confirmed on the same accounts, but these accounts were deleted shortly after.

Tariq Aziz is also the first announcer of Pakistan Television (PTV). He started broadcasting PTV from Lahore in November 1964.

He also hosted a quiz show on PTV called Auction House in 1974, which lasted for four decades. The show was later renamed Tariq Aziz Show and then Bazm Tariq Aziz.

Tariq Aziz was also a Member of the National Assembly from 1997 to 1999 and was awarded the Pride of Performance in 1992 for his technical services.

He gained international fame with dialogues like ‘Tariq Aziz’s greetings to the eyes that see and the ears that hear’ in the auction house program.

Tariq Aziz also acted in side roles in Pakistani films in the 1960s and 1970s, his 1969 film Salgara was a huge success and won two Nigar Awards this year.

His first film, Insanityat, was released in 1967, in which he worked with actor Waheed Murad and actress Zeba Bakhtiar. His other famous films include Birthday, Type of Time, Katari, Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan. The lost man is noteworthy.

Tariq Aziz has received many awards for his artistic services and was also awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan in 1992.

Tariq Aziz was elected to the National Assembly from Lahore in 1996 on a PML-N ticket.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed grief over the demise of Tariq Aziz and said that he was a famous personality of his time and the founder of our TV shows.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif said that Tariq Aziz, a prominent artist who loves literature and the host of the auction house, showed off his talents and abilities on every medium of radio and TV. ۔

Shahbaz Sharif said that Pakistan was a part of his faith and he was the identity and passionate voice of the homeland. May Allah Almighty grant him a high position in His mercy.

Leading actor Javed Sheikh offered condolences on the death of Tariq Aziz on private channel ARY and prayed for his high status.

Besides, well-known actor Behrooz Sabzwari termed Tariq Aziz as one of the new teachers and said that he had the honor of making the first announcement of PTV.

He further said that Tariq Aziz’s personality was very similar and there was no alternative to him. His death created a huge gap.

Behrooz Sabzwari also prayed for his high ranks and forgiveness and said that he was with me on a journey when he recited many verses with translation.

Talking to private TV ARY, renowned actor Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din said that Tariq Aziz was his role model, there was no one like him in the entire industry and the awards he received did not go to anyone.

Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din said that Tariq Aziz’s programs reflected his literary taste and he remembered about 2,000 poems.

Well known writer Mustansir Hussain Tarar said that Tariq Aziz used to be a schoolboy on television and he also used to do excellent poetry.

He said that his greatest virtue was to love Pakistan. He did not chant slogans like others but love of homeland sprouted from within like a bud.

Mustansir Hussain Tarar further said that Tariq Aziz was a man of eloquence, eloquence and invaluable qualities.

He further said that he was convinced of the nobility and patriotism of Tariq Aziz. He did not have any deception from the media. He was an innocent person

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