We are ready to cooperate with US authorities in investigating Prince Andrew’s sex scandal, lawyers say

The lawyers for the Queen’s second eldest son, Prince Andrew, have denied allegations by US Justice Department officials that US officials did not co-operate with the prince’s investigation.

U.S. Department of Justice officials said on June 8 that Prince Andrew was not giving them time to investigate, despite repeated requests.

Geoffrey Berman, the attorney general of the federal court in the Manhattan area of ​​New York, said on June 8 that the US Department of Justice wanted to question Prince Andrew about his relationship with 69-year-old American businessman Jeffrey Upston, but the prince continued to refuse. Are

According to the news agency Reuters, the US Department of Justice officials had also requested the UK Home Office to interrogate Prince Andrew under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT).

Under the agreement, US and British authorities can investigate each other’s citizens in criminal cases.

Virginia's Robert Guffy accuses Prince of having sex Photo: Irish Times

The UK Home Office and the Royal Palace have declined to comment on the matter, but Prince Andrew’s lawyers have claimed that US officials are making false claims.

According to Prince Andrew’s lawyers, his client has been interviewed by US Justice Department officials at least three times this year.

According to Prince Andrew’s lawyers, unfortunately, despite his client giving him time for an interview, US officials are claiming that the British prince is not cooperating with the investigation.

In this regard, Prince Andrew has also announced in the past that he is ready to cooperate with Jeffrey Upston and himself on allegations of having sex with underage girls.

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