Vitamin D potentially effective for strong defense against corona virus

Although there is no evidence that vitamin D can cure or prevent the new corona virus, the UK’s 3 leading medical institutes have advised people to get adequate amounts of vitamin D from the sun, supplements or food.
The Scientific Advisory Commission on Nutrition, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Royal Society released their reports in June detailing the corona virus and vitamin D.

All three organizations urge people to ensure that they receive the recommended amount of vitamin D, which will not only provide potential protection against the severity of the corona virus, but is also beneficial to health.

Vitamin D is important for health

Vitamin D is an essential component of health, including immunity. Under normal circumstances, people naturally make vitamin D with the help of sunlight, while it can also be obtained from certain foods such as eggs, fatty fish and beef liver.

In the UK, people are advised to take 10 micrograms of vitamin D daily, in the United States 15 micrograms and for people over 70, 20 micrograms.

Spending too much time inside the walls, now to protect against the corona virus, increases the risk of vitamin D deficiency.

According to a recent report by the Royal Society, deficiency of this component can lead to muscle, dental and bone health problems.

The report by the Scientific Advisory on Nutrition states that there is some evidence that vitamin D deficiency is linked to infections, especially respiratory diseases.

The corona virus is also the first to attack the respiratory system, after which it wreaks havoc on other parts of the body.

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There is no evidence of a direct link between vitamin D and corona virus
As noted above, the new corona virus attacks the respiratory system, but there is no evidence that vitamin D is helpful in treating or preventing the disease.

Numerous research reports in recent months have linked the increase in corona virus severity to vitamin D deficiency, but other factors may explain the number and severity of corona virus cases, according to researchers. It’s not very solid.

Some researchers have also expressed skepticism about this possible relationship.

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Research reports also warn people of exaggerated claims about vitamin D and coronavirus, especially when too much vitamin D in the form of supplements leads to the accumulation of toxic calcium in the body and kidney problems. Can cause

Further research is needed to determine the extent to which vitamin D may affect the corona virus

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