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Vietnamese giant double breads popular on social media

Vietnam: Breads and chapatis of half a meter will be found in the ovens of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but double loaves of up to one meter are commonly available in Vietnam.

These double loaves were first posted by a website called Bright Side, and then large pieces of Vietnamese slices began to appear on every social media platform. Many experts have listed Vietnam’s cruise double bread as one of the strangest foods in the world.

But among them, Nan Bai of Anjiang Province is an expert in making big double breads. A loaf of bread can be up to one meter long and weigh up to three to four kilograms.

They are sold in large plastic bags and a loaf of bread can cost from one to two dollars, or 150 to 300 rupees. To enhance the flavor of these loaves, a layer of butter is spread on them, sesame seeds are sprinkled or more flavors are added.

But when you look at the history of the trend of making these big double loaves, it is clear that this practice has only recently begun.

On the contrary, a shopkeeper first started making big double breads and then this trend started and now such breads are being prepared in every shop. People use a double loaf for several days. Tourists coming to Vietnam, on the other hand, buy them as a token and take pictures with them.

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