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Video of 8 houses being swept away by a landslide in seconds goes viral

Oslo: A video of a landslide in Norway is being watched around the world in which a large piece of land slipped and completely sank in a few seconds and even huge houses like a toy became part of the sea.

This drone video is from June 3, 2020 and shows a devastating scene. In it, a part of the coast slowly slides towards the sea and in a short time the sea disappears. The video, which is being watched around the world, shows a stray dog ​​being rescued from a helicopter.

It took only a few moments in the whole process that there were 8 big houses and other constructions on the Alta. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

On the other hand, when police were asked about the casualties, they said that although there were no casualties, nothing can be said definitively. But police have sent several officers throughout the area to assess the situation as there is a risk of further landslides and landslides.

People have made various comments on his video. One has written that the year is 2020 and along with the epidemic we have to see the revenge of nature. While other viewers have also questioned the reasons for this.

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