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Video call quality has been improved in Google Duo

Google has further improved call quality in its video chatting app. The company is using new video codec technology for this purpose and this update is likely to be introduced to the consumers from next week.

This codec technology, dubbed AV1, is the successor to VP9.

Compared to the VP9, ​​the standard video call will be possible with less internet bandwidth than the AV1, while the codec will also help in video call stability.

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Apart from this update, Google is also introducing a new photo mode for Dow from today so that the people in the call can share each other’s side-by-side photos.

The feature will soon be extended to group calls, and Google says it is also working on adding 12 people to group calls, up from 8 at the end of last month.

New features are being added by various companies such as Google and Zoom due to the increase in video calling and teleconferencing during the Corona virus epidemic.

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Zoom recently added new features and promised to improve security and privacy, while Google added a zoom-like gallery view to its video calling app.

Google says the epidemic has led to a significant increase in Dow’s usage, with video messages increasing by 800%.

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According to the company, this is the reason why it is changing its policy regarding video messages which can be recorded and sent and will be saved automatically instead of expiring after 24 hours

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