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US: The store threw food items worth Rs 56 lakh on a woman’s sneezing

A supermarket in the US state of New Jersey, the most affected by the Corona virus, had to throw away nearly Rs 56 million worth of vegetables, meat, bakery goods and other items when a woman near them coughs and sneezed. ۔

Many states in the United States already have a partial lockdown to deal with the Corona virus, and only one person in the household has been allowed to get the needed items.

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New cases of coronas are rapidly emerging in the United States, and by the morning of March 27, the number of patients had risen to 86,000 and the death toll had risen to 1,200.

اسٹور نے شیلف خالی کرکے وہاں اسپThe store also emptied the shelf and sprayed it there - Photo: Garrity Supermarket Facebookرے بھی کیا—فوٹو: گیرٹی سپر مارکیٹ فیس بک

It is thought that the number of casualties in the United States will be the highest in the world, as the number of casualties there is also increasing.

Due to Corona’s rapid outbreak, the administration and businesses have already tightened security and the store that threw food items after the woman’s coughing and sneezing had also seen people under security arrangements. He also made arrangements to stay away from.

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According to the US newspaper The Washington Post, China, a store with several super stores in the US state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, reported on its Facebook post that a woman was cured in one of her store’s nutritional areas, after which she was cautioned. All food items have to be taken out of the store.

It was not clear whether the woman had jokingly sneezed into the store’s nutrition section or had a serious illness or problem, the report said.

However, after the woman’s coughing and sneezing, the store’s staff removed all items, including vegetables, meat and bakery items on the shelf.

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The store administration said they were already facing problems and malnutrition due to the Corona virus, but nevertheless excluded all nutrients affected by sneezing or coughing.

The store administration said that they did not want to take any risk, so in view of the precautionary measures, all food items, which were worth about Rs 56 lakh, were taken out of the store and their sale stopped. ۔

The store administration said the local police were informed about the woman’s coughing and sneezing, after which the woman’s medical examination is also being arranged.

According to the Washington Post, the incident happened at a store in Hanover Township, New Jersey, where employees and customers were already instructed to stay away from each other.

On the other hand, Hanover Township Police also confirmed the incident and said that the woman will be tested for Corona while arrangements are being made to check her mental condition.

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It may be recalled that by the morning of March 27, the number of corona virus cases had increased to more than 5 million 32,000 worldwide and in just 15 hours more than 50,000 new cases were reported from all over the world.

Similarly, by the morning of March 27, the death toll from the Corona virus had increased to over 24,000 worldwide and partial or complete lockdowns have been implemented in dozens of countries in view of the outbreak.

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