US scientists claim to have discovered a possible cure for the corona virus

Scientists in the United States have discovered a possible cure for the new corona virus (SARS CoV2) and other corona viruses that cause code 19.

Corona viruses are considered a major threat to public health globally, as measured by the 2002 SARS epidemic, then MERS, and now the new Corona virus epidemic.

Research published in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine discovered small molecular protein inhibitors that could help prevent human corona viruses.

Researchers from Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine say that proteins such as 3CL, called 3CLPRO, may be a solid target for treatment in these corona viruses because they are important in replicating the corona virus. Play a role.

He said that the development of vaccines and treatments is one of the major goals of research on Code 19 and that these protein inhibitors target the 3CL pro of corona viruses, which is a key target for treatment.

The study succeeded in blocking the process of replication of MERS and SARS CO2 corona viruses in cells in the laboratory, while also preventing MERS in mice.

The researchers said that the results suggest that more research should be done on such compounds, as they could be a potential cure for human corona virus infection.

The research team was already developing antiviral drugs to treat measles and human neuroviruses, and the work has now been extended to the new corona virus.

The researchers said that the publication of the results is very important for the scientific community, we think it will add valuable information in the field of antiviral.

There is currently no vaccine or treatment for corona virus, but trials of statins and remediators have so far yielded positive results.

Earlier in June, a study in the United States found that glucosamine or metformin, a drug available to diabetics, also helped prevent the worst effects of the corona virus.

A pre-printed study from the University of Minnesota (a study not published in a medical journal) found that the drug, which is readily available everywhere, could help prevent the effects of the corona virus.

This is one of the few large observational studies on the risk factors for corona virus, which found that obesity and diabetes are the two leading causes of death from code 19.

But at the same time, it was discovered that the risk of dying from corona virus with glucofage can be reduced by 21 to 24 percent in patients who are already using the drug to control their diabetes and blood sugar levels. Are

The researchers said that people should not consider this drug as a cure for the virus, but the results could open new avenues for controlling epidemics such as code-19.

A study published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism in June found that statins, a cholesterol-lowering drug, could help reduce the rate of mortality and medical ventilation by helping treat novice coronavirus.

The drug is commonly used to lower cholesterol levels while preventing lung cancer from progressing in animals, improving the immune response and reducing inflammation, all three of which are common in patients with code 19.

The researchers found that people who used the drug had a 45% reduction in mortality.

Researchers also found that using statins with blood pressure-lowering drugs did not increase the risk of death.

Experts involved in the Wuhan University study said the results showed the drug was safe and beneficial for patients undergoing treatment at Code 19 Hospital.

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